Don’t Try to Out-Spend Your Competitors in SEO. Try to Out-think Them


In the world of SEO, a big budget can certainly help. However, you cannot simply buy SEO success.

The playing field is actually reasonably level. The wins don’t necessarily go to the companies that pump the most money into their SEO campaigns. The wins go to the ones that put the most thought into those campaigns.

In fact, major companies spend thousands of dollars on ineffective and out-dated SEO tactics every single day—and that’s really good news for the smaller companies they’re competing against.

Here are 3 ways you can out-think a company that is currently outspending you.

Prepare For Updates Well in Advance

Use your size to your advantage.

Google’s upcoming Core Web Vitals Update is a perfect example. This next update will put a higher focus on things like your mobile presence, your page experience, and your site’s speed.

As a small business owner, you can simply read a few blogs to learn about Core Web Vitals and what you can do to prepare. However, larger organizations are not that nimble.

They may have to organize multiple meetings internally to identify the update and plan what needs to be done. They may also have to go through the process of hiring a new firm to help them.

Create More Targeted Content

You probably don’t have the money to hire a fleet of freelance writers to write hundreds of blogs. However, you have unique insights that can help you write better blogs.

You and your sales team have a ground-level understanding of your customers’ pain points. This means you can write more targeted and impactful content to discuss those paint points.

If you lock into the frequently asked questions that you hear from customers every single day, you can own the SEO space for long-tail search terms that can actually lead to direct sales and massive SEO wins.

Find The Hidden SEO Treasures

A big company will likely generate a big keyword report and then spend 2-3 years trying to own those keywords. But here’s the thing: keyword research has an expiration date.

Once again, your size, nimbleness, and adaptability are big advantages. You can re-run your keyword research more frequently (every quarter or twice a year) to see how the data changes over time, then change your strategy accordingly.

You can be the first in your marketplace to identify the emergence of high value/low competition search terms and own them right away.

Meanwhile, your competition is sinking big money into keyword terms that may not even be relevant anymore. They can have those.

As you can see, your size can most definitely be your advantage. Your competition may have more money than you. However, that money doesn’t mean a thing if they’re using their resources on the wrong tactics.

You can out-think them and out-plan then, while reacting more quickly to emerging SEO trends and opportunities.

They won’t know what hit them.

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