This decade has been disruptive in terms of shifting global dynamics, there has been a noticeable shift towards digitizing businesses to adapt to these rapid changes. Especially with COVID-19 – numerous amounts of people are now opting to grow a business online rather than going along with the conventional business strategies. Many entrepreneurs are building their empires based on e-commerce and digital marketing however not everyone is aware of the do’s and don’ts of this field. Therefore, Digital marketers offer their services by providing a framework to growing businesses, so that they can reach their true potential with their given strategies.

In the growing community of entrepreneurs and digital marketers, we have Arsalaan Doost – CEO of Doost’s digital marketing agency, who has built his career in digital marketing by helping many other businesses grow exponentially on Shopify using his experience in social media branding and marketing. Being a software engineer himself, Arsalaan has used his knowledge to his advantage applying it to design different websites. Moreover, Arsalaan also handles website and app development for his clients so that they can reach their clients, creating a successful cycle.

Digital marketing is an essential tool that has made it easier for businesses to grab the attention of millions of people using ads. Arsalaan has been in this industry for about 6 years, providing his services to people. He got awarded by the American marketing association for his impeccable services in digital marketing. However, he has recently moved towards market augmentation to help people build their e-commerce businesses on Shopify. Arsalaan’s  work and his expertise in setting up an e-commerce business have been a success which has made him popular among the masses.

Arsalaan’s prowess in e-commerce has helped 1000s of businesses to grow tremendously, where they generate a considerable amount of income by owning stores on Shopify. Arsalaan now has his own stores on Shopify that have been successful because of his understating of E-commerce. Utilizing his knowledge, he now offers a multitude of services such as product trading and setting of Shopify stores – from his head office in China.

Social media branding has been a continent tool in outreaching customers for a few years. Although social media branding has become more recurrent, often there is an echo chamber created where it is harder to reach an audience. Arsalaan has broken these barriers by bending these tools to his advantage where he has not only created a brand for himself but now, he is helping several others to grow on social media.

Similarly, website development is an essential tool when one thinks about expanding their business to the next level. Arsalaan, over time, has built his own strategy to launch websites for different businesses that replicate his model of digital marketing, ensuring an increase in sales over a limited time. He has monetized his experience to provide people with digital marketing and app development services through Doost digital marketing agency.

Diversity is a word that would be a perfect fit for Arsalaan, apart from his marketing gigs, he owns his own website which is a peek into his personal life. Covering a wide range of niches such as travel, business, health, fitness, personal development. His success story is based on his passion for empowering growing entrepreneurs.  He recognized what he enjoyed the most and monetized his talent into a thriving business. Aspiring entrepreneurs can take away a lesson from his success – do what you are passionate about and success will eventually follow. Majority of the people run after money and they seldom think about their passion, that is why they rarely find fulfillment in what they do. Money is a byproduct of success that will gradually follow but only passion will be the driving force that will force you out of bed every day for work.

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