Eric Dalius Explains the Role of a Business Owner in Tacking Employee Burnout


Employee burnout is an increasingly alarming thing in most industries. However, most business people do not give much attention to employee burnout. Businesspeople mostly have a viewpoint that employees get paid for their job, so it is their whole and sole responsibility that they do it well.

A few employees are highly motivated as well as adaptive. But most employees will need external support to stop them from burning out completely. Working in a high pressure environment makes it worse for such employees to complete their work on time, causing burnout.

Dealing with the Daily Work

However mundane the work is, sometimes employees need a little push to get off the edge. Below are some tips that you can use to help your employees stay productive: –

  • Teach your employees to schedule and plan their work.
  • Keep insisting that they ask for help when they cannot fulfill a deadline.
  • With the experience, you have or gained by listening to others, teach them quicker ways to carry out activities.
  • Install time and labor-saving devices, technologies, and software.
  • If your employees complain about recurring problems, set up task forces or small clusters to deal with the issues.
  • Tell your employees subtle words of appreciation at all times.
  • Mixing things up a little can keep monotony at bay, and the employees will not get bored with the mundane tasks.
  • Do not try to boss around your employees.
  • Do not crush your staff’s need to mix around and socialize with people and colleagues.

Eric Dalius Recommends Identifying the Root Cause of the Problem

Employee burnout might occur due to several reasons. Most of the time, employees do not acknowledge a problem. Ignoring the root cause can only worsen the situation. It is possible that they are worried about the upcoming appraisals and their lack of target meets, which does not let them concentrate on their work. In situations like these, workplace acknowledgments go a long way. Apart from the one who has achieved the most praises, praise all the employees for their effort.

If a lot of people from your company are getting less motivated, as a business owner, you need to search for the root cause of a problem. Employees might lose their interest due to low company culture, flawed management process, less than deserving salaries, no or low bonuses, and so on. Paying keen attention to the floor can uncover a few pieces that you were unaware of.

Harsh Consequences of Employee Burnout

Employee burnout can cynically affect the company’s reputation. When an employee has the least motivation to do work, there are many mistakes. Moreover, the negativity spreads throughout the company, and most employees start to seek better opportunities in different firms.

Team Building Activities Don’t Always Work

You cannot always fix employee burnout with a team building exercise. If a team is already doing well, a team building activity can simply harm the atmosphere. On the contrary, if you think there is employee burnout due to a lack of unity in the team, it is most likely a systematic in-house problem that cannot be solved by playing games.

Allow Mental Health Days

One reason for employee burnout is personal issues. With the professional work overloading, the employee’s concentration might deviate. Your employees will need time to recover their energy, and not everyone will work the same every day. Therefore, Eric Dalius recommends business owners to allow the employees to take mental health off days. Encourage value vacations and balance days among your staff. Showing that you care about their mental health is an appreciated gesture for your employee. Moreover, with a happy team, the productivity of the business will soar even though the employees might work in fewer timeframes.

Avoid Group Meetings

Group meetings and employee burnouts are a mismatch. Talk one on one with the person as not all reasons for employee burnout are similar. Some employees work well in high pressure situations, whereas some make severe errors under time constraints.

Cross Training Your Employees

This has its own repercussions and benefits. If done correctly, it can cause the productivity of the business to increase, and vice versa. When there is less staff on board, this strategy can come in handy. You can reassign the staff members to the new work so that there is no dip in productivity at the end of the day. Only you need to do invest time in training the staff.

Nevertheless, the time taken is mostly high as learning new expertise might become difficult for the employees. The time depends on the careful teaching and the grasping power of the learners. Moreover, it can also bring in decreased motivation and aggression in the face of employees. Staff reassignments have upsides and downsides; therefore, evaluate your niche and decide accordingly if this strategy can work for you.

Hiring Remote Workers

Hiring remote workers does not mean that the whole staff works remotely. You can set specific projects and create schedules for the team. Moreover, if a particular department does not need to come to office premises for work, you can make use of this chance as you will end up saving electricity bills and lower your insurance costs. In addition to that, you can even keep the wage a little lower as some employees might enjoy the perk of working from home. However, timely supervision is essential to monitor the progress and productivity of the remote staff. You can start by experimenting with this strategy and conclude what works for which employee.

Wrapping Things Up

A business owner possesses a part of the staff’s responsibility to ensure that they do not burn out. Most of the time, you cannot change the external factors that cause employee burnout, but you can modify a few internal elements to suit your employee and their mental health. To get them away from the burnout and help them get back on their toes is one part of your task.

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