Eric J Dalius Discusses 7 Ways to Expand Your Small Business through Mobile Applications

Regardless of the entrepreneurial journey, almost everyone is using mobile applications to boost their business. From small businesses to large ones, building and running mobile applications are not extremely hard. If you have a small business and you want to expand it with the help of mobile apps, then this article is perfect for you.

You’re thinking that how mobile applications can help you to expand the growth of your business. Here are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • They generate new sales.
  • Applications can boost your customer retention.
  • They can increase the efficiency of your operation.
  • Your operational cost can be reduced by applications.
  • You can build a creative marketplace.
  • They can make your content simple and easy to access.
  • They can help you to grow the shopping frequency of your business.

Here are the effective ways of using mobile applications to boost your small business. Without further introduction, let’s briefly discuss the points.

Apps Can Help You to Generate New Sales

This tip is relevant for businesses that promote their sales, service, or products using an online website. It’s the best time for modern businesses to start using mobile applications to increase their sales, as most modern-day customers have a mobile phone.

As an e-commerce business owner, if you decide to target audiences, especially mobile users, you will increase your chances of boosting sales along with revenue. Hence, you should focus on building your e-commerce mobile app to sell products or services online.

Remember that mobile-friendly websites are important, but mobile applications are giving better performance than mobile websites. So, you can attract more customers through mobile applications.

Boost in Your Customer Retention

A survey proved that the customer experience is enhanced almost immediately after you’ve successfully developed a mobile application. When you focus on creating a better customer experience, the customer retention percentage will automatically go higher. And undoubtedly it’s one of the vital steps to retain customers.

When you are the owner of a restaurant, a café, or any other business, creating a mobile application that rewards loyalty points to the customer will improve the retention rate.

Your Operational Efficiency Will Be Increased

If you think that mobile applications only help you to enhance customer retention, then you’re quite wrong as the capabilities of applications are way beyond that. The operational cost that runs your business can destroy your whole budget if not taken seriously. And if you have a small business, it could prove a lethal failure.

When you build a mobile application, it can help you with your departmental communications along with internal operations and decreased associated costs.

For a modern business, it’s crucial to build a good way of communication that can help the employees or team members to stay connected without experiencing extra hassles. A mobile application solely developed for this purpose can create a better and smoother channel of communication.

Your Operational Cost Can Be Reduced

As mentioned earlier, mobile applications can grow your business in many ways rather than just targeting relevant customers. A robust and neatly build mobile app has the ability to smoother the operational flow that directly reduces the operational cost, suggests Eric Dalius.

If you have some experience regarding paper records in inventory and sales, then you already know that this task is challenging and overwhelming. It’s hard to track the process which means the time for processing becomes very long.

As an owner of a small business, your expenses on paper records may not have a great competitive scale. However, there are multiple practices that you can avoid to reduce the substantial cost through a mobile application for your small business.

Easily Accessible Contents

The main objective of creating mobile applications for your small business is to find new and unique ways that make your content more accessible to others. When you have a great mobile application, and if you’re able to offer enough value and services through a mobile application, the customers can experience smooth access to all the services, offerings, contents, or any other kind of content you’ve created for them.

The biggest advantage of creating easy-to-access content is boosting your sales. If your business has only one physical location and you want to expand your growth, then online mobile applications can help you in the process of expanding your business.

Enhance Shopping Frequency of Customers

Eric J Dalius says that one of the hardest and most expensive steps for a small business is to convert a viewer into a paying customer. When you are targeting multiple transactions from these customers, you can feel pretty scared and confused. Your business will gain success only when a new user visits your website frequently and end up purchasing something.

As you already know that customers prefer mobile applications over mobile websites, more than 80% of orders will generate from mobile apps. If you have an attractive application, it can surpass your expected goal.

A survey proved that mobile applications have more shopping frequency than the desktop or website shoppers as it’s easy to use and convenient. Nevertheless, if you have a business that has a physical store or sell products or services online, building an extraordinary mobile application can boost the shopping frequency of customer which will ultimately increase the growth of your company.

Build Creative Marketplace

Building a creative marketplace is mandatory nowadays as the customers are highly enthusiastic about it. Whether it is Uber or any other brand, the mobile application is the only thing that can make a marketplace creative. However, you don’t have to come up with a new line of business if you’re targeting to build a creative marketplace through mobile applications.

If you’ve successfully established your business online, then you can build a creative marketplace for your business to grow through mobile applications.


Developing an application and using it to enhance the growth of the business is worth it. As we discussed above, a mobile application can help you to grow your business in different ways.

If you think that building a mobile application is hard and time-consuming, then you can hire a professional developer who can develop the app for you in exchange for a relevant fee.

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