Eric J Dalius suggests tips for managing business ventures in the face of entrepreneurial challenges


When you are looking to start a business, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of challenges you face, irrespective of the business size and ambitions. However, with the right determination, vision, and planning, you can get around the obstacles and develop a successful strategy for any scenario.

According to Eric Dalius, there are a few key areas that we should discuss when talking about entrepreneurial challenges. The problems can be numerous, and some are specific to the line of the work, whereas others are more consistent when it comes to growing a modest venture from the ground up. Not all challenges are tricky, and some require diligence and patience to work around it.

What does EJ Dalius propose?

According to our expert, the only way to prepare for the eventual challenges is by preparing – and by that, Eric J Dalius means that you need to be aware of the problems you might face. It will allow you to organize and face the challenges head-on without stumbling around trying to fluke-out the right solution. One of the more critical problems that every entrepreneur faces is the management and availability of funds. With that in mind, here is what our experts want to know about money management.

Tricks to managing money

There is no other way of saying this – every business, from the global brands to the start-ups, all require financial back-up, capital, and investment. This is quite obviously one of the significant challenges that an entrepreneur can face in his/her career. Lack of funds leads to bankruptcy and ultimately into folding of the concern.

Entrepreneurs look into options like investors, independent financial backers, and personal money for capital and money management for a business venture. Therefore, the first step is to understand that you are in serious trouble without money, and it is vital to make up your mind regarding the available options.

When using personal money

Probably the safest route when it comes to funding your venture without the extra pain of interest payments and monthly installment is financing with the help of your own money. There is additional loss other than the money if anything goes south. However, this will only work if you have been saving for a considerable period to invest in the venture. Not just that as the recurring investment will also lead to curtailing your home and personal comforts to generate capital for your venture.

Bank loans

For bank loans, the first thing you need is a healthy credit score. Once you have a good credit rating, you can look for bank loans that are cut-out for your venture with respect to the capital amount and the interest rates. If you are going for the loan option, keep in mind that you should sign a deal only after reading the fine print regarding the terms, conditions, the flexibility of payment, and loan tenure. However, it is advisable to start early since the official paperwork through banks and other institutions can take a bit of time.

Now that the funding options are out of the way, the second challenge is to make your business survive. Keep in mind that there can be months of lean period with minimum growth and profits between securing the capital and setting up the organization for making the sales. It is the crucial period where you need to create a spending plan and embrace the pattern to ensure that you spend the money wisely.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips for managing money better.

The customer market holds all the key

Once you overcome the challenges of funding, the next part that awaits you is attracting customers. Customers are the lifeblood for any business, and it is the only factor that moves the wheel towards success. When it comes to attracting customers, here are a few things that you need.

  • A solid promotional strategy to enhance the visibility of the concern
  • Low-cost marketing and free-marketing techniques that are effective in case of low budget operations

Online business is a great option

Any business develops its market and brand-value through visibility. To that end, word of mouth is the best option when you are looking to boost visibility. However, it is vital to understand that the way the world is poised right now with the increase in the use of smartphones, laptops, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online advertisement campaigning is the best for making people discover businesses quickly.

As a local business, word of mouth can take you a long way. Still, it would be best to leverage the online options available in the market these days for more interactive and expansive visibility.To start, online promotional campaigns need an online domain. So, it is vital to set up a site, a virtual front for your physical store. It would be best if you also had a solid content marketing campaign to attract customers and generate organic inbound traffic into the website, which leads to the generation of revenue and gains.

Retain the customers

Once you can establish a steady flow of customers, it should do enough to allow you to see massive gains in a few months. It is not just the continuous flow of customers, but also the maintenance of the flow week-in and week-out. As a small business, you will always be one-step behind the global giants. If you are looking to prise away customers, you need to provide something that your closest competitors cannot. You need the best customer engagement and service to make sure that everyone goes home happy. Treat your customers as human, take care of their needs, and address their complaints, when there are any.

The acquiring of the capital and the retention of the customer base are the two primary challenges that you will face when starting. Once you finish with that, it all about identifying one weak area at a time and addressing the issue. All the best!

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