Everything You Need To Know About Getting the Best Out of Social Media Platforms 

Since the appearance of the first social media platforms back in the 1990s and early 2000s social media has proved that it’s not going anywhere. The widespread popularity of various internet media websites has resulted in the undeniable influence it has on not only the lives of the individuals but business as well. New age advertising and marketing is unimaginable without the involvement of social media in one way or another. Doesn’t matter who you are and what you do on social media, on a global scale, your online presence matters. Especially if you belong to the category of people who are trying to join the ever growing “Influencer” market; or you want to get a benefit out of social media for your business. There are a number of ways this could be achieved. But everything you need to do can be summed up in a few words: you have to advertise yourself.

First things first, communication is the key.

It’s true. Social media platforms have been created for the purpose of making communication easier and more convenient for everybody. Being a vital part of our everyday life social media usage saves us a lot of time, energy and money spent on making communication accessible for us at any time, anywhere. Nobody can conduct a business, moreover make their presence known without communicating with others. With the amount of different platforms on the internet you don’t have to struggle to do this.

Purpose and importance of communication out of the way what matters the most in the long run is the clear idea of where you want to be. What is the most relevant social media platform for the kind of content, product or service you are working on. In media studies it is considered that there are three main types of social media: communicative, collaborative and multimedia. These can be further subdivided of course. Having said that communication is the basic foundation for all social media platforms it should be made clear that this division is based on the prime functions and does not take into consideration everything a particular platform covers.

Communicative social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and VK are mostly used to keep in touch with the others, get new contacts or stay up to date; the latter is an especially interesting feature this kind of platforms have developed. Some may argue that the younger generation has replaced television with social media platforms of this type and they are not wrong. You have probably heard of scrolling through a timeline as if you’re reading your morning newspaper. Not to mention the numbers these websites pull daily. The absolute majority of internet users have an account on at least one social media platform of this kind.

Collaborative social media works on the same principle as the sharing economy. Let’s make one thing clear: the appearance of collaborative media has changed the marketing game forever. The reason why this happened is because most social media still uses the old marketing techniques like creating some kind of content in the form of a picture or a video to advertise their product or service. To put it simply, collaborative social media allows the users to become co-creators of the value and share it fair and square in a collaborative way (hence the name). Much like what Uber does.

Finally, multimedia is the reason why the internet has moved from being mostly text-based to covering everything from video to audio content and more. Huge platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud allow its users to create the content and make it accessible for the local as well as global audiences. Most of the services on these websites are completely free of charge. This is like a dream come true for the beginners who want to build their career and become successful in the fields or arts and music. Success on Youtube or a particularly big number of Spotify monthly listeners have become a starting point in the soaring popularity of many current hottest artists in the music industry. Everything could start from a simple cover of a trendy song. And that’s when numbers come into play.

Numbers are everything when it comes to getting the best out of social media platforms.

You need to go big. You need some clout. This can not be guaranteed from just putting the piece of your work out there and waiting to get noticed by some famous producer to turn you into a big star. Social media has been around for a while now and social media marketing strategies come to be somewhat sophisticated. The competition has only grown and it still keeps growing. This is the reality anyone wanting to make it has to put up with. Another reason why numbers are important is because they motivate you to do better and do more. Success on social media is measured by numbers. Numbers of likes, views, followers, you know how it works. So what are the ways that can help you get the desired numbers?

First of all, gaining engagement will naturally happen overtime.

However this doesn’t mean you have to sit back and do nothing about it. You need to boost your numbers especially when you are just starting out. Imagine you have created a killer piece you are excited to share with the world, except you can’t. There are not many that have a chance to see what you are offering. What you can do, is boost the number of engagements for a particularly amazing post showing off your product or service with the help of Jaynike, a website created to help you grow your channel. Don’t worry about bots, this is a real deal with very real people. Think about it as your personal advertising team.

Now that we have covered the basics the next steps you need to take is to work on presentability.

Make your social media pages presentable. It is yours so you are free to customize it exactly the way you want to. And what’s more, you can change the entire aesthetic whenever. Once you get started and get introduced to your audience more closely you can customize your pages according to what they like. Presentation also includes content. Creation is one thing. It’s quite another to be able to present it in a desirable manner. To give you an example it’s almost the same as knowing your angles and finding a spot with good lightning when you are trying to take a picture.

Content creation is something that is up to you.

If you are in an artistic field, trust your talent and what you want to present to the world. If you are using social media for advertising your business or agency pay more attention to being original and creating or promoting your brand. The same way fashion lovers can recognize Prada shoes or Balenciaga silhouettes, people interested in your field of work should be able to distinguish your product or services from the others on the market. More people do, better. The value of your brand increases more and this is how individuals or corporations achieve becoming iconic household names.

Being active is another thing you need to take into consideration.

Nobody wants to keep visiting a social media page that only has few posts from 2013 with old content. People need novelty. They are interested in what is currently trendy. Think about the speed with which Tik-Tok and Instagram trends change. There seems to be something new every few days. People have gotten quite used to the ways trends work too. So it’s obvious nobody wants to see old posts and stagnant, inactive social media platforms. It is certainly a major drawback when it comes to marketing your brand so just try to schedule your presence and keep it up.

And lastly, creativity comprises the textual aspect of advertising as well.

Not slogans. Knowing how to caption and tag your posts is important if you want attention from social media users. Be creative with your captions by using a set of emojis or a phrase that can become your staples. The length of your captions depends on your goals. If you are a business owner you need to be as thorough and transparent about your products and services as possible. People like to have the relevant information in front of them without having to ask. They will still ask for more though. But that’s the plan. Tagging on the other hand, kind of works on its own. All you need to do is add the hashtags onto every post or Story you create. Especially if you decide to organize giveaways. Tagging takes your posts to the places you couldn’t think of and makes it accessible to way more people than you can imagine. So don’t forget and don’t be lazy to add captions and hashtags.

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