Explore New Ways to Paint for Fun


Odds are that you have painted something before. Most schools have art programs and painting is the most popular by far. You don’t have to be talented to enjoy painting.

With today’s ridiculously fast-paced world, it can be hard to find time to paint. Especially if it has lost its appeal. The following ways will help you find a renewed sense of fun in this timeless art form.

Paint By Numbers

You have never experienced a paint by numbers like this. It gives you the ability to paint any of your many treasured photographs. Your painting can be very detailed or simplified to suit your taste. All you have to do is send in your favorite photograph, select the size and detail options, and Paint Your Numbers will send along your perfectly numbered kits with the exact paints you need.

Different Paint

Trying out different paint styles can help you create newfound joy. There are different types of paint with different working characteristics. Solubility, miscibility viscosity, and drying time are all examples. Choosing other mediums can be a fun way to explore your creativity.

These are some of our favorites:

  • Pastels — this is a form of painting in which you use a stick. Although formed using the same pigments as other mediums, pastel works are unique in texture. They are not affected by changes that happen to liquid paint when it dries. Although its surface is fragile as pastels are oil-based and you should varnish it to protect it once finished.
  • Oil — this form is made from pigments mixed with some form of drying oil. This is one of the main mediums used throughout history and today because of its body and high gloss.
  • Watercolor — this is a very common method in which pigments are suspended in a water-soluble substance.
  • Acrylic — acrylic paint is made of a pigment and acrylic polymer emulsion. This gives it the ability to be diluted with water. It can easily be mistaken for oil or watercolor paintings because of its versatility. Fast-drying times are one of the main benefits of using acrylics.
  • Spray Paint — this comes in a container that is pressurized with a nozzle at the top. When pressed, the paint is released via aerosol in a mist. This medium is very popular with graffiti artists due to its portability and price.
  • Tempera — This is one of the oldest methods and not commonly used anymore and classified as the pigment mixed with a water-soluble binder, widely known to be used with egg whites.
  • Digital — This is the newest medium available, although not as popular as others due to its difficulty. This can simulate the effect of any paint on any surface. Digital artwork has many tools available that are not possible in the physical world.

Painting With Friends

Painting with friends is a great way to have fun. There are many different options to choose from.

  • Each person gets to choose one different aspect of the painting, from color to style or subject. Take turns until you have a complete idea, then get started!
  • Setting a time limit with a group is a fantastic way to spend a night. You each get a certain amount of time to spend on a canvas. When time expires, you move on to the next one. This method can create hilarious and also beautiful works of art.
  • Painting is the oldest form of art, with the oldest dated 44,000 years ago. This spans across the globe, with all cultures developing some form independently from the others. This beautiful expression is a basic need that is innate to humans.

In conclusion, don’t let this art form be lost on you and your loved ones. There are many different ways to enjoy the age-old pastime of painting. Be sure to find the right one for you!

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