Fantasy apps that are as good as Dream11


The growing obsession for fantasy sports-briefly after the introduction of Dream11- in India has made many business minds to invest in fantasy gaming platforms. According to the recent survey, at least one in five sports fans in India is at least aware of the fantasy gaming platforms.

Thus, the market is currently expanding in manifolds compared to how it was a couple of years ago. Today, we could see new applications coming into existence literally every single month, but not every application can survive the competition in the market. A few, however, have managed to do well and are trusted by the users currently.

Here are five fantasy apps that are as good as Dream11 at the moment-

My Circle11

Promoted by some of the champion cricketers like Shane Watson, Rashid Khan and the BCCI president himself, Sourav Ganguly, My Circle11 is relatively new but has managed to survive the competition because of a few innovations. One of them is their fantasy team selection, where the minimum number of players from each category is just one, unlike Dream 11 prediction where the minimum number of batsmen and bowlers is three. Also, here you get to challenge the fantasy teams of the superstars like Rashid Khan which, once again, is a good attraction.

Fan Fight

One of the most popular applications currently, Fan Fight is similar to Dream11. However, there is a slight difference, here there are contests where you will be allowed to use your 100 percent bonus cash to join leagues. This is one of the best features here, apart from their user interface. You will get a Rs 100 instant cash bonus when you download the application and there is a Rs 100 referral bonus as well whenever you invite and make a friend join the application.

My Team11

Virender Sehwag is the brand ambassador of this application which itself is a good promotion. Apart from that, the app’s user interface is very smooth. One best feature in the app is that they offer a few free matches and it works well for the beginners. Also, there are some additional features like Clubs and the leagues which help them stand apart from the other apps.


The application has the best customer service and the withdrawal is hassle-free here. Talking more about the app, Ballebaazi’s unique feature is that they provide two different fantasy cricket sites gaming experiences, one is bowling fantasy and other is batting fantasy. Here, we get to pick the players as usual but the points for the players are calculated differently. For Bowling Fantasy, the points will be based on the bowlers; even if you pick a batsman, the points will be calculated based on how they have performed with the ball. The same goes to Batting fantasy but the difference is here, the points will be taken based on the runs scored.


They offer similar kinds of experiences like Dream11. Here, one main difference is that they have a wider range of contests for the same match. Halaplay is one of the first apps to offer fantasy leagues for different sports like Kabaddi, attracting fans of different sports.


While there are a lot of fantasy cricket applications currently Dream11 stands out as the best because of their growth and the user experience. Before trying other applications, we suggest you read the terms and conditions of the applications thoroughly, also, know about the authentication of the app before investing your cash.

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