There’s a wide variety of vape flavors out there, and you can find one in just about any sort of fruity, minty, candy, and tobacco-like variant. But have you ever stopped to think about how they are made and what the ingredients are that go into them? What is it that makes the vapor thick and your taste buds tingly?

If you have, you should read on, as we’ll go into all that and more. What we won’t go into detail on is if vaping is harmful and how much if it is. There is a load of research on that online, and if you want to inform yourself, nothing is stopping you.

What we’re going to take as a point of reference is that you’ve already read up on all that and made the conclusion that you want to continue vaping either way.

What Goes Into Vape Juice

Firstly, we’ll go over the basics of what goes into every possible vape juice out there. We’ll also mention nicotine, but you should know that it isn’t necessary for the process, and there are tons of 0-nicotine vape juices out there you can seek out. What we’ll mainly focus on is VG, PG, and the flavors. If you want to find out what these acronyms stand for, you can find out below:


As the name suggests, VG, or vegetable glycerine, is derived from vegetable oil, and because of that, is considered a natural chemical. It’s a thick, viscous liquid that’s a vital component of any vape juice on the market. As for what these specific components do to the vaping sensation, we’ll go into a little more detail in a moment.


PG or propylene glycol is another chemical found in absolutely every vape juice. It is an odorless and colorless byproduct of petroleum that’s found its use in the vaping industry since its very beginning. It’s also much less viscous than VG is, and it makes the final product viable for vaporizing since it would be too thick otherwise.

Flavor Concentrate

Flavor concentrate that goes into a vape juice is not very different from flavor additives found in food and beverages of all kinds, and it’s essentially just flavoring. Even so, vape juice should not ever contain more than 10% flavor concentrate in the total amount made because even though it’s harmless in small quantities, that changes after a certain limit.


Nicotine is already a familiar substance to anyone that knows anything about cigarettes. It’s the part of them that makes them addictive and so hard to quit.

Even though many vapers use vape juices containing nicotine, either because they want to quit smoking or just because they want to, there are plenty of e-juices out there that don’t have any or minimal amounts that you can choose from.

How It Changes The Sensation

If you’ve been browsing through websites that sell vape juices, you must have noticed that they almost always include the VG/PG ratio in the description of the product. This is because different ratios of these two components make the properties of the vape juice at hand change dramatically.

The VG part of the e-juice is the part that’s responsible for creating vapor and the thickness of said vapor. So, a ratio that’s in favor of VG will produce a vape juice that makes big, thick clouds of smoke when used.

On the other hand, vape juices in which PG is dominant are not that focused on creating vapor but on carrying flavor. So if you get a juice with more PG than VG, you can expect a more intense flavor in it, as well as more of what vapers like to call throat punch, as it will be a little harsher on your throat.

If that’s a factor for you, it should also be mentioned that vape juices that contain more PG than VG are by nature less dense, and therefore easier to clean out of your vape pen, but also tend to leak if your rig is not top-notch.

Why Flavors Matter

Flavors have always been a huge part of the vaping culture, even though a bit differently than they are today. In the early life of vaping, the vape pens and flavors were primarily targeted at smokers, and what’s why a lot of the older flavors are supposed to remind the user of cigarettes with tobacco-based flavors.

As years moved on, so has vaping, and today you can find just about any flavor you want to, which has brought in many customers who would have otherwise most likely just stuck to cigarettes.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this was informative and helpful to you. We tried to get everything you might not have known about vape juices and their flavors, but you can always research more and educate yourself on the subject. And you should do so if you are planning on making your vape juice like many people are.

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