Four Common Winter Plumbing Issues (And How to Avoid Them)

Do you love winter or hate it? Regardless of your feelings, it pays to be prepared for one of the harshest seasons ever. It’s particularly important to prepare your plumbing so you can avoid certain issues that could cause a lot of frustration and cost you a lot of money. Simple steps such as stocking up on drain clog remover and maintaining your plumbing with a liquid drain cleaner can already make a difference in saving you from the headaches associated with clogging and backups during the winter.

Identifying the most common winter plumbing issues can also help keep them at bay. After all, the last thing you want to do is deal with leaks, lack of hot water, and broken pipes when it is uncomfortably cold outside. Moreover, you want to spend your holidays enjoying great food, gifts, and trips.

Here are the four common plumbing issues that are likely to occur in the winter along with tips on how you can avoid them:

  1. Kitchen drain clogs

More cooking tends to be done during the winter due to the holiday celebrations, resulting in the kitchen sink becoming more susceptible to clogging. You will need to clear a clogged drain with a specially formulated drain care product.

One of the culprits for drain clogs is poured grease or cooking oils, which can solidify and cause blockage in the drain. They harden faster when it’s cold outside. You might also find yourself using a drain clog remover more often if you keep disposing food particles and leftovers in the kitchen sink.

To avoid those problems, dispose of food scraps in the trash and avoid pouring used cooking oil or grease down the drain. You can also use a liquid drain cleaner as maintenance.

  1. Burst or frozen pipes

Plumbers are often called in to deal with pipes that have burst or frozen. The damage can result in thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements. The good news is they are avoidable.

The problem occurs when the temperature becomes too low and the water left in the pipes start to freeze. The heat from your home should reach far enough to prevent water from getting as cold as the temperature outdoors, but there are limits to that. As a result, water freezes into an ice block. With more pressure and water, a buildup occurs behind that ice, causing the pipe to burst.

Preparation is key to prevent that from happening. Keep track of the temperature. If it gets too cold, leave the faucets open enough to allow for a steady and small stream, which can help prevent water from standing still and freezing. Alternatively, you can get heating tape or insulation installed around your pipes. And in case the pipes freeze, turn the water off and warm them with a space heater or hair dryer.

  1. Water heater issues

Your heating system is working double-time when it’s cold. If it’s out of shape or old, that can put it out of commission.  It might not provide enough hot water or the water won’t be cold enough.

The best way to avoid those problems is to prepare before winter. Invest in high-quality insulation that can help keep your home warm so the heat from the heater won’t go to other places in your home. You may also want to get an insulation blanket for the water heater.

You also need to keep your heating appliances in good condition by having them tuned-up by a professional before the temperatures drop.

  1. Water line leaks

Leaks could start in the winter especially when freezing conditions cause pipes to wear down to form small holes, which can become bigger over time. You’ll know there is a leak when water builds up outside or when showerheads and faucets have low pressure.

You can prevent that by keeping your home warm throughout the winter even when you are not there. Make sure the temperature does not go down beneath 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The continuous heat from your home should reach the pipes and keep them from freezing. You should also pay attention to your water pressure and water bill by looking out for a spike in usage.

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