Get more retweets with these easy-to-follow tips


One of the main reasons why people use various online networks is the innate need that we, as human beings have to connect with others. Being social, engaging in interesting conversations, exchanging ideas and being noticed are few of the many perks that come with the proper and reasonable use of many websites, one of which is of course Twitter. The latter is a highly informative, fun and interactive space where you can openly voice out your thoughts, opinions and most importantly, get updated on the latest news. 

When you create a tweet, you obviously expect it to receive some sort of feedback and engagement. Some people cannot be bothered to care whether they get responses or not, but most of us appreciate having our posts retweeted as many times as possible. It enhances the sense of validation. In addition, it’s always nice to know that there are people who share the same view as you on important topics. With the simple tips provided below, we will teach you how to get the desired amount of retweets. 

Know when to tweet 

As much as the right time to tweet should be the same time you simply want to tweet, excluding any other external factor, you should keep in mind that there are certain times when users are more active on Twitter. This is directly related to the amount of engagement you are likely to receive. Firstly, be mindful of the time zones and think who you are targeting with your posts. You should take the demographic picture into account as well. Which age groups do you wish to appeal to with your tweets? Do they have busy schedules or mostly stay at home? All of these questions are of decisive importance when choosing the time you want to dedicate to your Twitter activity. 

Provide helpful content 

If you cannot come up with the most original or hilarious idea to share with your followers, try to offer something they simply cannot refuse. As an example, providing the link to an important football game will definitely skyrocket your engagement degree. You can also include some helpful online resources in your tweet. The URL inclusion is a proven way to boost up your retweet count, so find the way to offer a fitting link to your audience. 


Do we need to say much here? Help, and be helped. Retweet others’ posts and the chances of your personal retweet count increasing will be substantially higher. Although, if you happen to be relatively new to the platform, you can adhere to external sources in order to boost up your stats. Websites like socialgreg can help you purchase retweets and considerably relieve the initial stress associated with establishing your online presence on virtually any platform 

Don’t be repetitive

Sorry to break it down to you, but no one wants to hear about the tedious daily routine details. People rush to their social media accounts to relax and have fun. They don’t want to be reminded that work life exists, waking up at 6 in the morning is insufferable and paying bills is a bummer. Everybody already knows these things, and they certainly don’t make a good ‘’retweetable’’ material, so to speak. Provide fun, light-hearted content, link a viral video or share a good meme, and you will see your retweet count at a much higher standing. 

Even though politics is a big thing on Twitter, we don’t advise publishing heavily opinionated tweets either. Of course you are free to exercise your right of free speech, but most people are hypersensitive with regards to the sociopolitical issues, and your tweets may direct backlash and division towards you. You might get retweeted for all the wrong reasons, and that’s not what you want, hopefully. 

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