Google may Eradicate off the website cookies for good. What does it mean?

A few days ago, Google announced a new initiative of eliminating third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022. The search giant is testing a new API called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) to substitute third-party cookies. Since Chrome has over 70% of the browser market share, it is a defining moment for the tech giant. Other platforms are likely to jump on the bandwagon.

Users’ privacy has become quite a crucial issue. Google isn’t the only tech giant looking to Eradicate the third-party cookies, as Apple and Mozilla have also announced extensive privacy changes to make it challenging to track their users online with the help of cookies.

Does it mean that there is a radical insurgency coming up on the horizon for an average internet user’s privacy? Most probably, that will not be the case.

So, why such a significant change, and what does it spell for the average users online? You need to understand what this change is all about to know how it will impact you.

What Does Google’s Statement Mean for You?

The announcement seems revolutionary, especially for the privacy advocates who have been questioning the tech industry’s stronghold on user’s data. It is good that the third-party cookies from the advertisers will not disturb us anymore. However, this does not mean that Google, Facebook, and the other tech giants will not be able to leverage your data either. Most probably, it will only encourage advertisers to invent new ways to access your data.

Another noticeable thing is that a tech giant like Google will not let go of billions of dollars it generates in ad revenue annually. Instead, Google is directing the current resources into its Privacy Sandbox. Though not much has yet been revealed about Project Sandbox, the main idea is to provide total privacy to its users while allowing the targeted advertisements to find the ground.

So, does it mean you are better off Google? Not quite because it is not practical. Instead, there are several measures you can take to secure your online data.

What Can You Do If You Can’t Switch from Google?

In the context of this announcement by Google, one lesson you need to remember is not to raise your hopes too high. No matter which tech giant it is, every platform needs to monetize your data as it is the key to their success.

Going off from Google is not a practical solution because we are dependent on it. We live in a world where we need Google to do most of our stuff, from finding a new restaurant in the neighborhood to sending an email or watching a recipe video on YouTube. It can prove to be quite difficult to live without it completely.

Though there are other options available, Google still remains the most practical solution. Nonetheless, there are good ways to exercise some control over your data:

First of all, use a high-quality VPN server that utilizes the best encryption technologies that can protect your internet connection. A good VPN service encrypts your connection and makes it anonymous so that your online activity can’t be tracked to you – Unless you submit your data on websites on your own.

You need to understand that not all cookies are harmful. Some of them are essential to run your websites hosted on a dedicated server hosting. You can accept these cookies but delete them over time.

As far as the third-party cookies are concerned, you already have the option to disable them in most browsers. You can do this even on Google Chrome. You don’t need to wait till 2022 for this small action. Plus, other privacy-focused browsers are there for you to use to secure your data.

What Can You Do for Your Online Privacy?

The crux of the matter is, no matter what you do, it can keep tabs on you when you use Google products.

Either you can switch from Chrome and consider other options like Tor or Epic Browser, which protect your privacy online while keeping things straightforward and easy.

Or you can use multiple browsers, according to various tech analysts. It means you surf online on one browser, use the other for financial accounts and information and keep one separate for online shopping.


All in all, Google may be planning to Eradicate third-party cookies, but it will not be a colossal change. However, use this opportunity to up your privacy game and re-evaluate your strategies because even as cookies are about to go extinct, its successor will soon emerge.

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