How Can You Use Other’s YouTube Channels To Promote Your Brand

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be a famous Youtuber with a huge number of subscribers to think about promoting your company or business on Youtube. If you are familiar with the platform you should probably already be aware of the fact that most Youtube stars mostly create different kinds of content like lifestyle vlogging, entertainment, commentary, advicing, cooking vlogs and such. While they do some promotion, shoutout brands, include paid content and allow ads to be displayed while playing their videos, the main focus is on something entirely unrelated to doing full on business and marketing on Youtube.

However, here’s the truth: everyone wants sponsorship. Making money from your Youtube channel is not a simple task and there are a number of videos on the platform where Youtubers explain how the process works. You kind of have to have a considerable amount of subscribers and get lots of engagements on your videos in order to start earning. Most people who start their Youtube channel face the hardships that come along with starting the channel later on into their Youtube career. And soon they realize the importance and benefits of sponsorships. In addition, it’s not like this is not a tried process that the audience is beyond used to.

There are ways to use Youtube channels that are not yours to promote your brand, company, business, a particular product or service. There are two different approaches here that will be discussed and broken down more in detail.

#1 Doing Remote Promotion

For once, let’s say you are not on the platform at all. In order to do what I termed here as remote promotion you do not have to sign up and create your channel. There are plenty of Youtubers who will be willing to do the promotion for you. Or rather, you can make them do so.

Firstly, try to choose smaller Youtube channels to make the negotiation process easier. These individuals are in need of sponsorships or small benefits that will help them grow more so than big Youtube stars. On top of that popular names probably get asked to promote brands and services all the time so your email may get left in drafts unless you are Beyonce caliber relevant.

Once you choose your target, approach them convincingly and offer them a few things in exchange for a shoutout, advertisement display or a commission of the review of one of your products. If you cannot think of a particular thing other than doing the good old product review I can think of a few things for you.

Offer them to pay for websites such as jaynike that will help the number of subscribers, likes, comments and overall engagement grow. Ask them to promote your brand on their channel for the favor in a way you deem appropriate and fits best with the kind of content they create. This can be considered a B2B marketing strategy. Both parties get something in return and there is really nothing to lose.

Depending on the type of business you run, send them a package of some of your products or offer them the services you do. They could do a review video, take a few minutes out of their usual content to talk about your product or simply display it in their videos without explicitly mentioning it. Questions will be asked. There will always be a curious somebody that will get interested in your product. Visibility matters. In case of a service offering they could do a whole vlog about their experience or a feedback type of video.

Offering them cash is the last option but you have to decide whether this is a good idea and it’s not how Youtube promotion works usually so the advice here is to do thorough research.

#2 Collaborative Promotion

If you have a Youtube channel dedicated to promote your brand then this is the way to go. You need to reach out to those in the same field as you or those you think can do justice to your brand.

The companies or individuals in the same industry are your competitors but we all know competition is not a fixed conception and there are a number of ways you can work around it. Seeing two brands collaborate builds excitement in the target audience. It is the exact same thing as two big artists releasing a song together. Why do you think Megan Thee Stallion was able to snub the #1 position on Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in her career? Because the previously published song remix featured Beyonce. Getting next top spot was not that hard.

The choice of individuals that could model for you is something you need to think about. Think of them as the face of your brand. You need to find someone relevant, natural and unconventional. In two words: interesting enough. Emma Chamberlain one of the most famous Youtube personas has been doing a campaign with Louis Vuitton for two years now. It did cause an uprising in fashion lovers at first but LV didn’t stop the collaboration. The reason behind their decision was the fact that it attracted the attention of the general public. And that was the goal all along. Despite the majority of Emma’s audience not being super into high fashion the content she created around LV sponsorship got as much engagement as her lifestyle vlogs. Almost like a loyal audience will watch just about anything. And you as a brand can use this to your advantage.

In Conclusion..

To make it short and sweet Youtube being the leading visual social media platform makes it one of the most desirable places for marketers and those who want to succeed in building up their brand. You as a brand owner should definitely consider including Youtube in your marketing strategy as it is more than possible to get the most out of it.

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