How Codeless Test Automation is Better than Manual?


There are a few essential variations between automated testing and manual testing. An individual conducts the experiments systematically in manual testing, without test scripts.

However, in automation testing, the term codeless test automation refers to the test case automation approach with no or a minimal code quantity. It involves scriptless testing tools like ACCELQ to build a layer of abstraction on the top of the test code.

The reason why companies are adopting agility is that codeless testing offers several other benefits, besides supporting the testing team. We will discover all about it in this article.

Key Difference between Manual & Automated Testing

The most significant difference between testing by humans and testing by automation is who runs the test case. The manual tests are coded, and human testers are supposed to have a speciality in codes while the automation tests the software codelessly.

Why Do Companies Prefer Codeless Automation Over Manual?

Although the codeless testing approach is not entirely code-free, some simple and not so apparent explanations can answer why testers and companies go for codeless testing.

  1. User-Friendly

It can be rigorous and tedious to do code-based testing while the codeless test automation’s visual and interactive appeal improves test creation. The ease of use often encourages manual testers to conduct automation tests, as the disparity of expertise is minimized by carelessness.

2. Improves the Testing Pace

Codeless test automation reduces the time in no small degree than conventional automated testing where testers had to build complex scripts manually, which is time taking.

  1. Lowers Maintenance Cost & Scalability

The need for code-based debugging to enable test maintenance becomes drastically reduced by ‘Codeless’. It is done with making the testing process quicker and more accessible is the best way to reduce expenses of automated testing.

Testers do not need to employ additional experts while testing the software automatically to contribute to the entire evaluation process. Also, there is a significant decline in similar feedback cycles since the overall testing process, based on codeless testing, is streamlined with better scalability.

  1. Consumes Lesser Time

With codeless testing, testers can easily automate a test scenario, as it requires no coding exposure. This makes it easier to concentrate on quality assurance and software bug fixes instead of handling the heavy code.

  1. Saves Resources

Businesses enable testers to eliminate the need for learning different languages to test codes with codeless testing and do not need a new person for coding skills. Time, cost, and money can also be saved easily.

  1. Beneficial for the Tester

Even when the user does not know coding or programming, codeless testing can generate languages and test cases easily. Thus, it doesn’t take much time for the user to learn the test cases and build them.

  1. Test Coverage

Increased test coverage is another pro for automated testing vs manual testing.

Because of its capacity for improved test coverage, automation testing will produce better performance.

Will Codeless Automation Testing Replace Manual Testing Completely?

Codeless automation testing would not replace manual testing. We need both automation and manual testing for different test scenarios. Manual testing performs complicated test cases, whereas codeless automated testing performs more effortless, routine tests.

Therefore, it is still necessary to do manual testing. However, incorporating automated testing makes the manual tests better.


Codeless test automation will undoubtedly see widespread demand because of its multi-dimensional advantages.

To build a stable base to scale up and extend potential testing methods, you need to progress towards codeless automation with deliberate strategizing.

The teams following the best approach would benefit from automation testing by greater visibility, cooperation, and improved test automation analysis.

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