How Food Delivery Services Help Millennials


It’s no secret that Millennials tend to be busy — very busy. The average Millennial is now in their twenties or thirties, starting out in a professional career and working hard to make ends meet. The rising cost of rent and the nebulous condition of the current economy have left many in this demographic bracket hustling nonstop to make their dreams a reality.

Increasingly, Millennials are turning to online delivery services as a way of saving precious time while still getting high-quality products. Just as Millennials order clothes and books online and turn to television streaming services for their entertainment needs, they are increasingly turning to grocery delivery services to help save time.

Here are just some of the ways food delivery is changing Millennials’ lives for the better:

1. Delivery Makes it Easier to be an Ethical Consumer

Ordering food from a website makes it much easier to find the information you need to be an ethical consumer. When you’re in the grocery store, even if it’s a health food store, the information you need to make responsible, informed decisions is often not readily available or uses manipulative wording to elude responsibility.

Ordering online allows Millennials to actually see what companies believe in, where their supplies are sourced and how they treat their employees. Being able to click through this vital information helps Millennials make purchases that are in line with their ethical beliefs.

2. Delivery is Quicker

Going to a supermarket, picking out products from the shelves, and lining up to go through the checkout — it all takes time. When you buy meat online all you have to do is select your products, enter your address, and with a few keystrokes your food is on its way.

Using an online web portal allows Millennials to quickly buy what they need and effectively makes the entire grocery shopping experience painless—cutting the time it takes to complete their weekly grocery shopping by hours.

3. Artisanal Products Taste Better

As mentioned above, Millennials as a generation are much more engaged consumers than their parents or grandparents were, and this can be seen in their approach to food and especially meat. Millennials tend to be much more invested in making sure that their eggs are cage-free and their beef is grass-fed.

By using online grocery delivery services like truLOCAL doesn’t just mean they can shop specifically for sustainably-raised meat — it also means that the meat they do get is much tastier. Delivery means that products like grass-fed steak and wild-caught fish are just as easy to buy as generic supermarket alternatives, helping them to improve their diet and support the farmers building a more sustainable system of agriculture.

Millennials recently surpassed Baby Boomers to become the largest living generation in North America, and their need for high-quality food delivered in convenient ways is already having a profound impact on the market. It is likely that the massive popularity of food delivery won’t be abating any time soon.

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