How Foundation Experts Repair a Crack


Noticing a crack in your foundation can be concerning. Sometimes, it is an easy fix that you can manage on your own. However, if you’re not so lucky, you may have real structural damage to your exterior. This scenario is much more serious and will require an expert’s advice and services  to ensure that your property does not sustain even more costly damage.

How do foundation experts take care of the cracks in your home? This will depend largely on the type of crack and extent of damage. Here are some key things that you should know as you identify cracks in your foundation and seek out the help of foundation repair experts:

Types of Cracks

First, it’s important to note the different kinds of cracks you may see in your foundation. The more information you can provide your foundation repair expert, the better they can assist you. If you notice a vertical or diagonal crack in your foundation, this is usually due to the settling in the new construction, and is oftentimes very harmless. If it’s smaller than ⅛ inch, professional foundation crack repair experts use epoxy injections for the fix.

More serious cracks tend to be horizontal. This is usually indicative of water pressure from the outside, which can lead to foundation failure. Experts typically combat this issue with underpinning solutions and hydraulic lifting.

Tools Used in Repair

Foundation repair experts use several different tools to fix cracks; however, the tools they use for your crack will depend on the type of crack and its severity. One such tool is the carbon fiber kevlar straps. This particular tool helps create a secure seal over cracks on residential properties.

Another example of a tool used to fix foundation crack is the polyurethane foam injection. It’s an incredibly effective way to fight erosion beneath concrete slabs. The foam from the injection creates a more uniform surface underneath the slabs.

Finally, many foundation repair experts employ compaction grouting. Compaction grouting is an injection of a cement grout mixture that goes underneath your home to ensure a more stable foundation. When your soil settles, your structure may suffer from dangerous irregularities. This injection helps prevent more expensive damage in the long term.

Most tools or mixtures are used for the same purpose: to seal the crack. However, professional foundation crack repair specialists can easily tell what tools are the best for your situation. They can also readily identify the problem area, and can guide you in the right direction for a fix.

Always Be Aware of Cracks!

Structural problems are extremely common in homes of all ages. Addressing these cracks is just a necessary part of owning your own residential or commercial property. That said, just because these cracks are common, doesn’t mean it should go unattended. Even smaller cracks should be addressed by a professional. If you try to make it a do-it-yourself project with little or no background in foundation crack repair, you risk causing more costly damage. Keep an eye on your exterior by checking around your home every couple weeks. Should you notice some crack, small or large, contact an expert immediately.

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