How Grafomap Sales Increased


Grafomap should see a big increase of their sales this year, just because of their great gifts that they offer.

It’s no secret that this year the life as new before 2019 october will return and we will start working from private offices and co-working spaces.

And why should Grafomap sales increase this year? Just because the products they offer is a great office gift and a decoration element.

Earnings And Owners

The more sales you have, the more valuable the company is, right?  No wonder that Grafomap changed their owners in 2020, because it’s a great long term investment and someone who saw that, got ahold of it and now earns pretty good money.

In the near future Grafomap won’t change any owners again, because that’s too good of investment for them. To get rid of it.

For Whom?

Then there always comes a question on who would want such a gift? To whom would you give it and why office people fell in love with such gifts to each other?

The answer is simple – it brings back memories.

By the survey that was made by Grafomap last year, almost 30% of people giftet a custom map to someone just because they were retiring. And when asked why such a gift, the answer also was simple – “Just because it brings back memories”.

They give such things just to make an ex employee remember his great years. For example an office address where he spent a lot of great time with colleagues.

Maybe someone is a sales person that travels a lot, so he should have at his office (when he comes back) a nice world map posters to remember his travels.

That is how Grafomap sales increase every month, day by day, year by year.

Everyone Else Buys It

When Grafomap will hit the stock markets one day, we sure know that their worth will only grow, because not only office employees love them.

All the interior design experts and such love them too. Just because it makes a great house decoration.

It makes your house cozier and if it makes your house like that, then why shouldn’t you buy it, right?


It’s no secret that we have to keep an eye on them in the long term. Just because it’s a relatively new company in this niche and has had a crazy increase in everything. Sales, traffic, rankings, just everything.

The company is worth more than we thought before and their worth just will increase every year.

If people will buy these maps the same level they have done it now. Expect to see some big things from them in the near future.

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