How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Exterior?


Painting is a splendid way to stay fresh and make your home colorful. The beauty of your exterior home can affect your personality, and also impress the visitor and your neighbors. But, a short trip to the store may boost some questions. For example: what is the difference between interior paint and exterior paint? And how much it costs to paint?

Today, I will answer these questions as much as I can. In this article will focus on how much it costs to paint the exterior of a house? So keep reading to know the cost to paint exterior of house.

Difference Between Interior And Exterior Paints?

There are many differences between interior and exterior paints; but the main difference between interior and exterior paints is their resin desire. You have to keep in mind that the resin is what connects the dye to the surface.

In exterior paints, it is vital to know that the paint can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. Exterior paint should also be hard and resistant to sunlight peeling, chips and exposure to sunlight. Because of these purposes, the binding resin used in exterior paints should be soft.

How Much Does Exterior Painting Cost?

While calculating the project cost, maximum painters use a formula based on square footage of the house body and linear footage of the trim. It provides them a concept to know that ​​how much paint they will need in the house.

When the painter will estimate the house painting consumption, he’ll begin looking at things that they need for painting including add material, labor, or time to the job and fix the prices according to house painting consumption.

Paint House Exterior Costs

The cost to paint the exterior of a house will depend on the size of the house, house location, house style, the siding or the exterior and more various details. A fresh coat of paint helps to enhance the appeal of your home’s restraint, resale price, and even your definition of exterior.

The cost Exterior house painting is approximately 25%-30% of material costs and 70%-75% of worker costs. The type you have chosen will impact on the material cost; because a few gallons of paint are less than-15- $ 20 and a few may cost $75.

Paint House Exterior Costs Per Square Foot

Whilst you calculate the square footage of your home so you should note it, the amount of exterior siding you need to paint is not equal to your interior square footage.

For painting, the amount of exterior siding does not have to be equal to the interior square footage

To find the square footage of this wall, multiply the height and width, and calculate every siding wall separately adding the walls together to get your total. Dormers, gables and different abilities need to be completely separated. Remember that the price per square foot can vary relying on the direction you are painting and the complexity of the job.

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