How to Awaken a Child’s Desire to Read


Identify a prominent place for books in the apartment. Create a variety of family rituals related to books. The simplest of them, but at the same time priceless – is reading to the baby before going to bed. Of course, the plot for reading at night should not be intimidating. Another important detail is that from time to time not only my mother or grandmother but also father should act as a reader. Otherwise, some boys begin to consider reading “an occupation for girls”, unworthy of a real man.

One of these rituals is reading together in a family circle, when a book is passed from one family member to another. It is possible that the child himself will soon want to learn to read in order to become a full member of this circle.

Include in the” repertoire ” books that have recognizable situations for the baby that are directly related to his life. We went to the zoo with him – take a good book about animals for reading on fresh tracks, etc.  Lauren Grabois Fischer has the perfect collection and all her books teach kids to be proud of who they are and to live a positive and peaceful life and one of them is Zoo’s Big News.

When reading aloud to your child, try to gradually turn him/her from a passive listener into an active “processor” of information. Ask questions as you read: why do you think this boy is sad in the picture? Why are trees without leaves? From time to time, take a break to find out the baby’s opinion about, for example, what will happen to the main character of the book next, etc.

If the child is already slowly starting to read himself, try to make it happen every day and at a certain time. At first, you can be close by just listening to him or discussing what you read. It is possible that soon the need for your presence will disappear, and the developed habit of independent daily reading will serve a good service to the future student or schoolgirl. It happens that a child who already knows how to read listens to you with pleasure, but something does not hurry to go to an independent process… How can I help my child overcome this barrier?

Try using such a “cruel” technique as interrupting the reading of an interesting book. While reading, we close the book at the most interesting place and leave, referring to urgent matters. Most likely, curiosity will prevail over stubbornness or unwillingness to read.

Perhaps you have preserved children’s filmstrips in your family – ask your child to read the captions to them. You can also use children’s comics if you consider their content and quality of drawings acceptable to the child.

Subscribe your son or daughter to an interesting children’s magazine (for example, a weekly one). They will look forward to each issue, and you can arrange for them to read it independently in advance.

Try to find an appropriate audio recording for one of the children’s books. Give the book to the child, turn on the recording and ask him to follow the text, noting where the sound coincides with the text, and where it does not. Such training is useful for developing the skill of fluent reading, and for understanding the text. Synchronous recording can be done by yourself.

A good incentive can be reading by roles – you and the child together or with the involvement of other family members. Willy-nilly, the little stubborn man will have to pick up a book.

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