How to be famous and gain success with YouTube


Are you dreaming of building your loyal YouTube following, getting success, and quitting your 9 to 5 job? Don’t worry, and you are not alone. Various creators are trying their luck on YouTube to convert their dreams into reality.

They are struggling to grab a piece of the billions of dollars created by YouTube advertising revenue. It’s not too late to create a viable business through YouTube following, but it’s getting more competitive.

Here are six ways to become a YouTube expert and gain success:


What success means to you, Define, and remember.

Making tons of money through the job you hate is not a success. Although success comes in various forms, and it’s up to you to determine which form is suitable for you. As a YouTuber, a High view count for your video, more subscribers, and greenbacks for your Channel is a success for you. So, monetize your channel focus and start working over them.


Set your channel goals, objectives, and content.

There is a lot of excellent and terrible content available as YouTube videos. Creating your content is fun but a job. Similarly, the voice of your Channel aligns with your content. Even with your camera, you are building your brand personality. Decide your content; the range is extensive, from Vlogs to review to touches of humor. Don’t hesitate to ride the wave; start working on adding valuable inputs to your content.

Step 3

Know your competition.

Search different videos ranking on YouTube, including keywords you want to use in your content. Do keyword research well by using YouTube keyword research tools. This research is vital to stand out in a crowd of market. Use the keywords that getting a lot of traffic; always choose long-tail keywords for better ranking.

Step 4

Use External links in content:

Inserting external links of other videos in yours leads to maximize viewes. External links lead the audience to another blog, website, or video. Furthermore, add a branding watermark. This act will easily navigate your YouTube page. Additional navigation is the quick way of getting success as a YouTuber.

Step 5

Promotion through Social Media Marketing:

Use SMM Strategies and promote your Channel on social media to get success faster. Ensure you share your videos in relevant social media pages only, and it will help get qualified traffic.

Step 6

Watch your analytics and learn.

You can see the performance of your video by the analytics section of your Channel. Analytics will allow you to know your audience and hone into your target demographics. It provides the idea of why one video is performing better than the other.


Furthermore, don’t aspect to get rich overnight through YouTube. Usually, it takes two years to achieve a milestone in this field. Yeah, it’s frustrating and hard to stay motivated in creating content without positive feedback.

In contrast, remember your motives as YouTube is a form of passive income and pays off handsomely over time.

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