How to become a good shooter in Basketball


There are many players of basketball having a very strong skill of shooting the ball in the basket. As every basketball training lover well known about “Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson” are one of the most favorite basketball shooters of all time.

“Stephen Curry Over his 10-year career so far, he has a number of records for three-pointers. He holds the record for the fewest games played to reach 1,000 and 2,000 career three-pointers of 369 and 597.

All of these records are attached with their shooting drill. Here we also talk about how you become a good shooter and how to improve your basketball shooting drills.

Sometimes you see some old players having no idea how to shoot the ball perfectly in the basket. It happens when you do not try to learn your shooting drill correctly or if you know about shooting drills you don’t have to practice this skill in the gym.

When a coach selects the team for his club to play a match they count every signal skill in his players so shooting is a plus point of a player.

How to learn about Shooting Drills

Shooting is a very important skill to learn for a coach and a player of basketball. Many players have good targeting on the basket and lose the chance of a goal because of a weak shooting drill. Learning a shooting basketball drill having many key points to become the best basketball shooter.

If your team has a good basketball shooter your chance of winning the game is more than others. Good shooters increase the chance of goal even if your shooting percentage is maybe less than others. A good shooter makes every shot to be a successful goal for his team.


For the best shooter player needs to be more active and brilliant. Activeness will help him to jump easily and should also help to focus on the ball. with these abilities you would increase parentage motion offense basketball of shooting in-game and win the match easily.


You should need to be ready to cover up the ball in your hand properly before shooting and get your shooting position as soon as possible. Also, improving footwork before shooting will help to improve your shoot quality.

Shooting the Ball

Get ready and load the basketball in the shooting pocket. cocked back your wrist before the ball gets there. Bring the ball up from the body in a straight line. it will help you to give power to the ball. execute the ball smoothly also see basket range. Using your leg to jump it will help your arms to shoot well and smooth shoot.

Finishing a Shoot

Finishing is very important for a shooter because when you finish shooting and lose your body balance there is a high chance of injury. So after throwing the ball you need to be in a balanced position and try to land both feet at the same time.

You need to be more confident in your position as a shooter in your team. also try shooting drills in the gym. If you face any problem go to the gym and join a training club for your triangle offense basketball drills So there are many online stores that sell Basketball training videos for players and Coaches.


No one can be a good shooter within a day. It takes time and good consultants for better practice with the daily routine. So if you want to become a good basketball shooter you need to spend many hours in the practice section.

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