Dozens of services offer to buy fans on TikFuel today. This is an extremely popular service, according to statistics – every fifth new channel orders it. And if we take into account that three out of five new channels are “bent” within two months, it turns out that every second one uses a markup. Let’s go further up the statistical ladder! Anonymous polls showed that 93% of commercially successful channels on Tik Tok have ordered and continue to order wrap-ups regularly. Interestingly, among the loser channels, only 17% ordered a promotion, and they themselves admit that they “didn’t even understand how it works.”


That is, the mathematical calculations, in this case, are elementary simple: if you want to be successful on Tik Tok, order a cheat! Moreover, the service is actually a penny; that is, investments in SMM at the early stages of channel development are not even close to commensurate with its potential in terms of monetization. Plus brand promotion and an increase in self-worth to an epic level. In general, there can be a lot of goals for promotion on Tik Tok, but almost all of them, in one always way or another, boils down to earning, so we focus on it. But so far, we have only easy talked about “dry numbers,” which are always objective, and this is their problem.


  • You are launching your channel on Tik Tok. You start uploading cool videos there, but except for your cat and mom (well, maybe your beloved girl), no one rates them. You are asking a logical question – why?
  • Two out of five, without finding an answer, leave Tik Tok. The rest soon realize that no matter how ingenious and original your content is if it is not watched, it is not appreciated. And they don’t watch him. Again, why?
  • Because whoever sees it at all if it is ranked below the rest in the news feed! Below those who, due to the existing subscriber base, instantly have thousands of views and hundreds of likes.
  • And you can upload at least a hundred videos a day, and each is just a bomb. The statistical probability that you will be noticed by accident (really by accident!) And the video will go viral – about 1 in 45 million.
  • The conclusion is logical – in order for your videos to be watched, you need them to rank higher. To do this, videos, in addition to their content and SEO aspect, have several parameters, including views, likes, and comments.
  • And who puts all this? That’s right – subscribers! How to attract them? That’s right again – by wrapping! Because a person is more willing to subscribe to a channel that has 3000 followers and not a pathetic 3 (mom, cat, beloved).

That’s why buying TikTok subscribers is important! Because this is how you attract live users, and they organically raise your videos in the rating with their activities on the channel. This is a vicious circle – the more you wind, the more you attract. The more you attract, the more people come to you. The more people come to you, the more popular your videos are.

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