How to Create an App and Make Money


Recently, the demand for the creation of mobile applications can be compared to a fashion trend. And there is! Those who keep their nose down the wind and want confident future for their own business understand: mobile traffic must be caught as quickly as possible and not let go again. That is why the next order for an application for Android or iOS is not so much a technical trick as a marketing ploy. And its implementation is an investment in future sales.

Have you wanted to create a mobile application or website for a long time, but for some reason hesitated? In fact, it’s not all that difficult. In this article, we’ll share the best and most affordable solutions.

Fear of coding shackles enthusiasm and forces us to postpone the search for software to create applications on the back burner. On the other hand, it is easier than ever to enter the mobile application market today. It does not require any programming knowledge or experience.

Regardless of the goals – business, product, blog, service, etc. – there are a number of suitable application creators available. It’s better to trust the process to those professionals who know how to create a game app.

You need to plan developing a game app

Let’s talk about you. Yes, who are you? Is the business owner offline, certainly successful and profitable, or is your expansion already actively spreading over the Internet? Or are you just starting out, so online is more of a test of the “viability” of an idea? In any case, if you are not a developer, questions about platforms or what kind of web application development environment will be used seems distant and unclear. Since this article is intended for non-experts or newbie developers, we’ll cover the basics.

Now let’s deal with your wishes. When talking about an application, people often mistakenly think of a program in a smartphone, although developers mean a web application. An instrumental extension of the capabilities of the main site, which is often used in a browser. The mobile application is developed for a specific mobile platform. Each option has its own advantages (they can be determined only in the context of the specifics of your business), in many cases they complement each other perfectly, but they also conceal a lot of pitfalls. We will carefully bypass them with the help of step-by-step instructions.

A mobile application is, first of all, a platform. An application for iOS or Android will require different specialists, different technical, design and marketing solutions. And therefore well thought out general details are the key to the success of the project. Let the technicians take care of factors such as a server problem, internet outages, and even virus attacks. Forewarned = forearmed – and you yourself know!

Design the Visual Elements of Your App

It’s no secret that design a game app is not only work in graphic editors or design tools, so this article will not contain tutorials on software. There are already hundreds of quality training videos on this topic. As for android vs ios app development, there is slight difference. Design is about understanding the essence of your product, its functionality, and designing useful products for people.

Put Your App Through Final Tests

Quality Assurance (QA, from English – Quality Assurance) is an integral part of the development life cycle of any application, including mobile. Unfortunately, many people overlook critical aspects of mobile app testing, which often lead to crashes, app errors and poor customer experience.

To ensure the successful development of any application, a tester must be involved in all stages of development. From conceptualization and requirements analysis, to creating test specifications and releasing the finished product. Quality assurance is also a key element in subsequent software product reviews after the development stages.

Ways to Monetize an App

There are two main types of how to build a game app in terms of monetization – paid and free. You can make money both on those and on the others, only the methods differ. As for paid applications, the user pays for them upon purchase and can use them as much as they like (in rare cases, tariffs with free demo access are provided). There are more varied ways to monetize free apps, but their effectiveness is difficult to predict.

This chart shows the number of downloads of paid and free applications. As we can see, free ones are much more popular, so many developers prefer them.

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