How To Edit PDF Files in Google Docs

Like most people, from time to time you may need to edit PDF files. Not only is this function particularly essential for those of us who constantly deal with the documentation for work purposes, but it can also be a necessity for everyday PC users, too.

Throughout the following text, we are going to consider several methods that PC users can use in order to edit PDF files without having to worry about threats or damage. This is a surprisingly non-complicated procedure, so even if you don’t consider yourself to be “techy”, this article will be very easy to follow.

PDF files are created with the aim of securely saving information, in order to make certain that no one can easily alter it. For example, if you create a resume, it’s better to save it and distribute it as a PDF, so no one has the chance to intentionally alter the information you’ve provided. In other words, PDFs are used to save your data in a secure place — not via the location of the file, but by the program that was used when creating it. Conversely, you may want to change something in your resume or provide someone with access to make changes. In this case, you will need a PDF editor.

So, where should you start in order to open and edit PDF files? First, learn what sources can be used directly for these aims so you may better analyze the market and choose the best PDF editor for your needs. Most people prefer to work in Google Docs, either because they’re simply used to it, or because it’s the only PDF editor they have used. Either way, it’s vital to understand that Google Docs has some crucial disadvantages that need to be discussed — but we’ll consider that later. For now, let’s take a look at what steps are involved when editing documents with Google Docs.

1.   Upload a PDF file

In order to create a Google doc, log into your Google Drive account, and locate the “Upload” icon. Click it and wait until the file appears in the “downloads” folder.

2.   Open with Google Docs

Right-click the file you want to edit and click the “Open with” option. Here, you will see a Google Docs option — that’s exactly what you need.

3.   Editing a PDF in Google Docs

Once you’ve opened your PDF, access to edit has been provided. After you have completed your editing, click: “File” > “Download” > “PDF”, in order to save the PDF correctly.

There are some alternative solutions that may also be used in order to edit PDF files. Before choosing Google Docs to edit your PDF files, consider the following issue that may arise, including:

  • If you’re using Google Docs, there will be situations where you will not be able to open certain documents.
  • Users have to understand that they are not editing their original PDF files. Although the file is recognized by Google Docs as the original text, in reality, it’s a copy created by Google Docs. In other words, you’re getting editorial access to a copy of the original PDF file.
  • It’s essential to understand that if your original PDF file contains some images or special formatting, they won’t be saved in a newly created doc.
  • Google Docs lacks some editing options: adding/deleting pages, etc — just text editing is available.
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable at all times, otherwise Google Docs may not automatically save properly.

Editing PDFs with a Solution Alternative to Google Docs

Lumin PDF is a great alternative that can be used instead of Google Docs as it covers many of the issues that Google Docs lacks. Editing PDFs can be a breeze as long as you have chosen the right resource. And let’s not forget about safety — Lumin PDF is a highly credible source. Feel free to download your files, save them, and perform all of the manipulations needed.

Try it now!

If you need to create, edit, or convert documentation, Lumin PDF will quickly become your best friend. Complete with an excellent user-interface, comprehensive tutorials, and step-by-step guides, Lumin PDF is a step ahead of the rest. Literally, all of the additional instruments that are not accessible or available with Google Docs, or its analogs, are available with Lumin PDF.


You can easily view, edit, and share your documents in the cloud using Lumin PDF tools. Get to know what “smart editing” really means with this extremely fast and intelligent tool. Use all the smart, markup, and editing instruments to annotate PDF files and images with ease. With Lumin PDF, you are not simply limited to text editing, you can easily work with all the images and formats your PDF documents can handle.

Google Docs PDF editor is just one of many ways to edit PDFs in Google Drive. Although it has limitations, if you don’t require special functions or options, of course, it can be a suitable tool. Besides, it’s really cool that you can use it online so any changes you make will be automatically saved. On the other hand, in order to ensure automatic saving, a stable internet connection must be available. If you don’t wish to work online and prefer another tool that can be integrated with your PC and doesn’t require a stable internet connection, then Lumin PDF may be the tool for you.

Many expensive PDF editing tools are available. Some of them provide excellent features and interesting characteristics, but it’s important to cut out the flash and focus on the best tools for the job. If money is a crucial factor for you, remember, it’s always possible to find an affordable or even a free alternative for editing PDF files.

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