How To Get Prepared For a Successful Mobile App Launch

If you have already created a new mobile app, and it seems to you that you are ready for submitting it to the App Store and Google Play, we have to upset you – this is only a small part of the complex work to promote your product. Marketing decides the fate of any application, and it is worth starting work on it when neither the store administration nor the audience know anything about it.

A good mobile app marketing plan is based on a clear understanding of the goals you are striving for. Think of local and global criteria for success. There are two goals you need to achieve:

  1. Prepare the foundation for post-release marketing
  2. Build an audience by the time the application is launched

Let’s think that you have created an excellent program that solves the popular problem. You get an opportunity to promote the application in places where the audience is located: specialized Internet forums, groups in social networks, professional communities and blogs. You have to tell people about your app. Make a list of the key features of your product, its advantages and what makes it different from the other similar apps. The description should be concise and attractive to potential users. If the client likes your offer, he is hooked – invite him to subscribe to the newsletter by email, by which you can notify him of the development progress and the release date of the application.

It is necessary to differentiate potential clients according to the degree of their interest in your project. Those who are especially interested in the fate of the product should be notified of new elements of the application, while the rest are advised to send only a single letter stating that the program is published in the App Store and Google Play and is available for purchase. If you pester the wrong customers by intrusive mailing, they can simply unsubscribe.

An online marketing campaign on social media is about attracting users to your community so that they do not miss the release. It is recommended to create pages or even groups dedicated to the application, especially if it solves an outstanding problem and does not imply the most basic application scenarios. Developers of many programs popularize the app using Pinterest, since it is easier for the audience to perceive the new product visually, and you can get feedback from professionals on the internal interface of the service.

Communication with your audience is very important for product development, but do not become extremely dependent on the opinion of the audience, because trying to take into account all the wishes, you risk turning out of your way. Keep a cool head in front of your supportive fans, and monitor public opinion with mass polls, A/B tests, and post-release behavioral studies.

It is important that the customers who have installed the application will become your loyal audience and you’ll get both organic traffic, early reviews, and above average ratings. It goes without saying that your application must be made at a high level without crashing every other time. Ratings and user reviews have a significant impact on an app’s ranking in internal store search.

Release your application on one platform first. This method has some positive aspects:

  1. You will provide yourself with the maximum installations and ratings.
  2. In case of bugs, you can quickly track and update the application, if you are not scattered across multiple platforms.

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