How to make my GK and current affairs strong?


If you are an aspirant of government exams then one of the common subject which you have seen in every exam is GK and current affairs. To crack the exam on the first attempt you should have a strong command of current affairs and GK.

Current affairs and GK are one of the most important and widely asked in almost every competitive exam. So it is necessary that you should have a strong command of these subjects so that you can crack any exam on the first attempt.

It is next to impossible to cover the whole General knowledge and Current Affairs. Many students are confused and don’t know how to prepare for GK and the current affairs Section.

In this article, you will get to know how to prepare for GK and current affairs and score maximum marks so that you can clear any competitive exam. Attempt free GK Quiz.

General knowledge and Current Affairs is not only helpful to students for clearing exam but it also helps to enhance the personality and knowledge of the individual.

GK and current affairs are the two most important pillars of the competitive exams. Here we have given some strategies which help you to prepare for GK and current affairs during your Preparation time.

  • Read Newspapers daily

Newspapers are one of the most widely used resources for preparing the current affairs Section. It is recommended that students should consistently read newspapers so that they will stay updated with the current affairs.

The newspapers which are generally recommended by the toppers are Hindu, The Indian Express etc. If you read these newspapers regularly then you will cover most of the current affairs.

  • Read monthly magazines and books

Students should read monthly magazines which is very helpful to cover all current affairs and issues of the month. There are various General knowledge books are available in the market which covers almost all the syllabus of general knowledge.

  • Read smartly

The one of the common mistakes which students do during their preparation time is that they waste their time in reading unwanted information which is not helpful to improve their general knowledge.

While reading Newspapers it is important that you should know what to read and what not to read. Don’t waste your valuable time in reading useless stuffs.

Avoid reading the conflict between the political leaders which nothing has to do with your exams. During your Preparation, you must do proper time management and devote equal time to each section.

  • Focus on quality, not on the quantity

Nowadays we have access to a lot of resources through the online as well as offline mode. It is not possible to read and study all the books available in the market. Many students try to read all the books and magazines which consumes their so much and they cannot give attention to other subjects.

You should keep your resources limited and revise it regularly. Revision is the only key to score maximum marks in the GK and current affairs section. Download Monthly Current Affairs.

  • Attempt Mock Test Series

The Mock test series is the best tool that will help you to track your Preparation. Toprankers offers free mock test series for various competitive exams. There are many Mock Test Series are available so that you can understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can prepare accordingly for the current affairs section.

  • Take out notes of daily important issues

Only reading Newspapers are not sufficient for preparing GK and Current Affairs. It is important that you should understand it properly. Many students face the common problem that they read Newspapers daily but cannot remember and recall it during the time of exam.

It is very important that you should take out notes of the important points and issues so that you can easily recall it at the time of the exam. Because whenever you write down, your brain grasp it and remember for longer period.

  • Watch National and International news

Watching daily news will be one of the best way to prepare for the competitive exams. It is also important that you should watch the programmes like quiz shows and the parliament sessions on the doordarshan Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Every student should follow above tips to have a strong command on the GK and current affairs Section.

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