How To Organize Gmail Emails Effectively

Gmail can be easily named as the most popular online version of the mailbox. Over the years many other email services have come and gone, but Google’s Gmail has always remained to be a very reliable solution acting as a digital hub for a person’s online identity. Much similar to your physical workspace, Gmail at times can get messy especially when you don’t filter and organize all your incoming emails. In this article, we have listed a few tips and tricks that can help you have a clean Gmail inbox and put things in order.

Try To Put Your Relevant Emails On Top

A very nice way to keep your inbox organized is by putting all the relevant emails on the top especially the ones that are starred or marked as important. Gmail provides its users with five different options that can help them organize their mailboxes.

  1. Default: In the default option Google shows all the emails in the order that they arrive. This is generally the layout that we see everyday.
  2. Important First: Sometimes Gmail tries to use its own prediction in order to determine messages that are important. Then it places them at the top of the inbox along with a yellow marker. All other recently arrived emails are placed below that.
  3. Unread First: Here all the unread emails are shown above the recent messages. This can be specifically helpful only when the user uses the read/unread feature as a to-do list.
  4. Starred First: The starred messages are the ones that make use of stars in order to prioritize the inbox. In almost all cases, only the starred messages appear in the first few rows, followed by the others.
  5. Priority Inbox: Gmail tries to learn the type of messages that the user interacts the most with. Then with the help of AI, it puts them on the top of the inbox. This works really well especially for them who have to deal with too many messages every day.

Make Use Of Labels And Folders

Gmail is basically a label-based system. Trash, Drafts, Inbox are technically the names of the labels. Labels are a perfect way to organize your account. Another useful feature is the ability to add much more than one label to a particular message. Apart from this, users can also add colors to their labels making them easy to identify. For example, if you are learning a second language, you can mark all messages written in this language to have a separate folder for your studies and easily access them when necessary.

Use Filters In Order To Automate Common Actions

Gmail has a very strong filtering ability. Users can easily filter emails by recipient, subject, content, sender, etc. Once the user has gone through the filtering process, then they can easily instruct Gmail about what to do with the new coming messages. Users can also try out automated filtering which can surely become very handy at times.

Remember, distractions at work take up much more time than you can even think of. It can derail a person’s mental progress and even cause the brain to take a lot of time to start the focussing process again. Numerous emails can sometimes be a big source of distraction at work. The only way out of that is to reduce the number of messages you send and receive, as a result.  Remember, never let your Gmail inbox take over.

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