How to record video calls on Google meet, Zoom, and skype


In the business world, video calls have been considered a crucial part of business dealings and meetings. A video call facilitates you to jump on a quick video conference no matter if all the participants are in the same city or even in the other corner of the world. When almost half of the world got stuck at home due to pandemic situations, people had to work from home and stayed in touch with their family, friends, teachers, students, and colleagues through video conferencing.  Sometimes you want to save a video meeting to revisit or share it for later. You can record video meetings like Google meet, Zoom, and Skype for free versions of these services. To check more tips and tricks, visit and get the latest information about these services. Here we give you the best option to record these video meeting sessions.


As a host, you can record your Zoom call by clicking the Record button on the toolbar at the top of the window. You can pick a local recording or a cloud recording.

If you want to stop or pause your recording, click the button top left corner of your screen or on the toolbar.

In the case of local recording, your recording converts into mp4 and will save on your computer.

For cloud recordings, you will get an email when the recording ends. This email comes with a link to Zoom’s website to audio and video versions so that you can share with others.

You can also start recording when you are not a host.

Google Meet

Users with a personal account cannot record video calls on this platform. If you want to start recording your video conferences on Google Meet, you need to have a Google Suite account or an Enterprise plan. After joining or hosting a meeting

Click the three dots on the lower right side of our screen.

A pop-up will appear at the top, then click on the “Record meeting.”

You can stop recording by clicking the three dots icon again, click the Stop recording option at the top of the list.

Anyone with a G Suite account can record the meeting. At the end of the session, the recording will save to your Google driver in a folder named “Meet Recordings.” If you are the host, you will receive an email with a link to the recording. But if you are not an organizer and start recording, you also get an email with the recording link.


It is simple to set a video recording on skype. Join a video call at least with one other person. At the bottom left corner of your window, you can see an option of Start Recording. Either person can start recording by clicking on this option. If you want to stop the recording, you can click the “Stop Recording” at the bottom left side. The recording can save at the end of the video call and you will be able to access the recording in the Skype app from where you can download it.

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