How to Use Family Health Insurance to Your Advantage?

Getting a health cover is a good investment, contrary to the belief that it is not required if one does not have any illness or is covered already in employer group mediclaim. Individuals who have a family to manage and look after should consider opting for a family health cover. One can find numerous health insurance plans for family available online. It is beneficial if you select the best policy that provides comprehensive health coverage for an affordable price.

Understanding the policy benefits will enable the policyholder to get the maximum advantage from a family floater health cover. Thus, it will ensure one gets the desired financial protection when there are unforeseen medical care expenses.

Here’s a quick guide to help you:

Choose Longer Policy Term

Policyholders can opt for longer policy tenure instead of the 1-year policy tenure. This way, they can get a discount on health insurance premium amount. Care Health Insurance offers a 10% discount, with its family health insurance plans, if one selects a 3-year policy term. Moreover, a policy will lapse if one fails to renew it on time. So, by choosing a longer policy term, policyholders can skip the task of policy renewals annually.

Add Family Members

In family medical insurance plans, one gets the choice to add family members and get protection for the complete family in a single plan. It is an affordable way to secure their health. Every person buying a family health cover should note is that the premium depends on the eldest insured member’s age. However, adding senior citizen family members is not a good idea. They should have a separate health cover.

Go for Cashless Hospitalization

The cashless treatment facility reduces the time in accessing medical care during an emergency. Health insurance plans for family come with this feature where the insured persons can get cashless medical treatment at network hospitals. The insurance company will pay the hospitalization expenses directly to the hospital. Make sure you check the list of network hospitals as soon as you get the policy.

Select Optional Covers 

By opting for health insurance plans for family, one also gets the convenience to choose optional covers. For instance, OPD cover is available as a rider option. It helps a family manage those unexpected OPD visits that can lead to a lot of expenses. Other optional benefits include daily allowance, reduction in wait period for pre-existing disease, and unlimited automatic recharge. 

Avail Annual Health Check-up

Most family health insurance plans enable the insured family members to go for a medical check-up once a year. Under the annual health check-up benefit, the insured members can get various medical tests specified in the policy on a cashless basis. It is useful as one can monitor the health and detect ailments early.

Get Maximum Tax Benefits

One of the major advantages of family medical insurance plans is that they offer section 80d tax benefits on the premium up to Rs 1 lakh if the proposer and insured are over 60 years. So, investing in medical insurance is a way to save tax and helps a family stay financially safe.

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