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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that has become a big part of our lives. But, if you are unable to view a private Facebook profile? Then, you can use these methods to view private Facebook profiles. This article will guide you on viewing a private Facebook profile and showing some other ways that help people get around privacy settings.

On Facebook, users can connect with anyone and view their profiles. However, if you are not on their friend list, then no one can see your profile. This is a great private account feature that protects your profile information from being viewed by other people who are not on the friend list.

Method#1 Use a FB Spy Viewer Tool

If you are unable to See someone’s Facebook feeds without being friends with them then, you can use FB Spy Viewer to See someone’s Facebook feeds without being friends with them. It’s a special add-on for Facebook.

The spy tool provides the easiest and fastest ways to access a private Facebook profile with just one click. You can use this tool to see someone’s hidden Facebook photos or videos. So now it becomes easy to know about your friends on social media by viewing their profile privately without letting them know that they are being watched! You can try the tool Here.

Method#2: How to browse private Facebook photos without being friends

Besides when you used those apps you can even view private Facebook photos without being their friends. And, you will have other choice to view private Facebook photos easily.

Also, you can view photos on a private Facebook profile from your mobile with this approach.

Step 1. Go to the Facebook profile of the person whose private pictures you want to see.

Step 2. After going to the user’s profile. Get the username from the profile address link.

Step 3. Replace the username into yours in the link as below:

Step 4. After replacing the link mentioned above, the final address will look like the above one.

However, if the user make photos private on Facebook, you are unable to see private Facebook photos on his or her page.

Method#3: Use PictureMate to View Facebook Profile

PictureMate is a free extension for Google Chrome that you can use to view someone Facebook without needing to add them as your friend. It is a great tool especially if you want to view private Facebook profile pictures secretly. It is especially useful when you want to know which people the target associated with by viewing the pictures in which they are tagged. Even though this does not always meet the requirement, it sometimes is very helpful. Here are the steps that you need to follow to view Facebook photos without signing in.

Step 1: Visit the PictureMate website and add the Google Chrome extension to your browser.

Step 2: Restart the browser after installing the extension. After restarting the browser, you will see the extension in the top corner.

Step 3: Now, you can conduct a Facebook search and see pics of the targeted person. The extension will offer the result of all the pics posted by somebody else on which the targeted person is tagged.

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Method#4 Target Friends of that Person:

The first common method to view private Facebook photos is just by adding friends of that person to your list. This feature unveils the photos with are limited using friends of friends’ privacy setup. This feature helps to reveal the tagged photos which the user shared with friends.
Once, you add his/her friends, the photos which are shared with that friend will be visible to you as you are now a friend of his close friend.

Just target 4 to 5 persons and go on as you can, to increase the chance to find every piece of photos in front of you even for the future posts also.

But, this basic method works only to a limited extent to reveal the tagged photos only which are not public.

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