How Virtual Socially Distant Work Social Parties Can Spread Christmas Joy


The holiday season isn’t what anybody had hoped for, and while we may be able to see a select few loved ones on Christmas, there is another significant event that seems to be off the cards this year. The office Christmas party is often the highlight of the business calendar and Cezanne HR has made a creative guide to help organisations across the country continue to safely celebrate the festive seasons with colleagues.

Work socials are vital for maintaining colleague relationships, making sure employees feel values, team building and promoting productivity within the workplace. But above all, they are about having fun in what is typically a professional environment and provide an exciting way to socialise with colleagues.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the new ways we can gather colleagues together to celebrate the festive seasons, while crucially staying safe and abiding by government restrictions. Now that video calling software is more popular than ever, many entertainment providers are utilising these apps to offer their services even during a pandemic.

Christmas Cooking Classes

Christmas wouldn’t be what it is without all the amazing food that comes with it. Roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and Christmas pudding are the highlight of 25th December for many.

However, some of us may not be able to experience the Christmas dinner we are used to due to COVID19. Why not gather the team together to learn how to cook the perfect festive roast. Classes can be booked online and ingredients lists and prep instructions can be distributed beforehand, ensuring everyone is ready to get going as soon as the class commences.

Businesses can even try something completely different, perhaps a holiday food tradition from another country or culture. The great thing about these being online is the teaching chef can be in any location, meaning access to some of the best experts without having to travel.

Once the cooking classes have finished, you can even sit down together and enjoy these meals together for a good chat and great food.

Christmas Quiz

Virtual quizzes were one of the most popular activities during the initial lockdown and were voted the no.1 choice for a socially distant activity.

Participation can happen online with a local pub who may be hosting at a convenient time for the business-check their social media for updates. However, this can be written by yourself or by different colleagues and teams.

Add a Christmas spin to the night by adding a holiday round and things can be really personalised by resting rounds about the business or staff.

Encouraging friendly competition is always a great way to get everyone involved, offering prizes for the winning team is a great incentive. However, these can’t always be physically given so online gift cards are a good alternative.

Murder Mystery

Murder mystery suppliers have adapted their packages to allow participants to do so online. One of the great advantages of choosing a murder mystery night is that it can be done at any time, meaning colleagues stuck in a client meeting or having connection issues won’t miss out.

Simply choose an online provider and download whichever theme appeals to the team, there’s anything from period drama to fantasy and of course Christmas themes. Distribute character lists and scripts beforehand, don’t worry nothing has to be memorised as everyone can refer to scripts throughout the game.

Props and costumes aren’t essential but highly recommended as they can really inject some humour into the evening. Prizes for who guesses the murderer correctly are a must, however, you can make it even more exciting.

Awards for best performance, costume and even accent generate some hilarious role-playing.

Holiday Show & Tell

Show and tell can have many different interpretations of the activity. Colleagues can share and present a favourite destination, past time, historical event or simply showing off an item or even pet to everyone else.

You can set a Christmas theme if you wish, perhaps a favourite Christmas ornament, worst gift ever received or even ugliest Christmas jumpers.

This is a great way for colleagues to connect, especially for new starters who may have not yet had the opportunity to meet and bond with colleagues in person yet. It’s also a great way to gauge who has the most eccentric Christmas traditions!

But the fun doesn’t just stop at the above, other ideas include bingo, beer pong, escape room, karaoke, virtual zoos and more. Don’t let yet another element of working lives be forgotten about this year, virtual socials are the next best thing to being able to party together this year.

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