Huawei, Xiaomi, SMIC and 87 other companies announce the cooperation because of concerns about US sanctions

Still valid restrictions from USA to many Chinese companies like Huawei, or ZTE, are forcing them s to stand on their own two feet. At present, Huawei suffers the most from sanctions, because it cannot actively buy goods and services produced by American technologies without the necessary licenses. The restrictions are also valid on non-american companies. In practice, this means a lack of components for their devices. The situation is particularly acute in the case of processors, which are currently a shortage of goods for Huawei. At the same time, Xiaomi was also included in the sanctions list a few days ago. However, it should be noted here that sanctions on Xiaomi are currently different like sanction against Huawei. However, the company has already begun to defend itself and has filed the first lawsuit to remove the company from the blacklist, because american investors have to sell their shares to Xiaomi in November. For Xiaomi it means loose a lot of investments.

The Chinese technology giants are going to join forces

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has announced interesting cooperation beetween 90 Chinese companies who should cooperate in semiconductors industry. They think that this cooperation could bring independent from the USA, technologies in future. It was the ban on the use of American technologies for Huawei and ZTE that kicked the largest Chinese manufacturer of processors, SMIC, to create quality components.

Xiaomi will be part of the cooperation

However, one company cannot do this and that is why we can expect cooperation between 90 companies from China, which are oriented in different areas od market. We can count, for example, with the mentioned Huawei and ZTE, but also Xiaomi, HiSilicon covering Kirin chipsets, China mobile communication company, Tencent focused on software, but also various services and products related to the Internet and artificial intelligence and more.

Highlights of the collaboration will include improving component evaluation standards, semiconductor research with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and integrated circuit information security requirements in applications, improving their testing system, and ensuring that products with these chips meet the most demanding requirements for performance and reliability.

It is not yet known when we will see the results of the cooperation, but it can already be said that it is a big step towards the independence of Chinese companies and the rescue of Huawei and ZTE, and the mentioned cooperation could at least partially save the companies.

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