Instant Knockout Review : Does Instant Knockout Fat Burner work?

Instant Knockout was initially developed to help professional boxers and athletes to burn fat ahead of a big fight. It is designed to support body fat in all body areas, such as thighs, hips, belly, or any other place you may want to remove fat from. It comes in a red pill, ensuring easy and comfortable administration.

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Instant Knockout boasts all-natural ingredients, following the current trend in pharmacology. Many drug companies have realized that there is no substitute for nature and focus their drugs to be both practical and healthy for their customers. Instant Knockout follows this trend, meaning that the vast majority of consumers can take it.

Instant Knockout should be taken four times a day, with no extra effort required at all. All of the all-natural ingredients have been weighed, carefully applied, and meticulously packaged into a single red pill. While Instant Knockout may seem like a regular, run-of-the-mill diet pill, its strength lies in the ingredients it uses. It’s simple biology.

While the claims that the owners of Instant Knockout make are impressive, this Instant Knockout review will explore a single question: Does Instant Knockout work?

Instant Knockout Reviews – Product Overview

Instant Knockout uses ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost your metabolism. This is the core factor that makes Instant Knockout, such an effective fat burner. Boosting your metabolism is a known way of reducing fat. However, to add to this, Instant Knockout also includes a wide array of co-factors that serve to keep your body producing energy. Also included are co-factors, which reduce appetite, making sure you don’t put on any more fat.

Instant Knockout promises that after taking this pill, four times a day, that your body fat will decrease much more dramatically than it would with any other product. The website provides testimonials from MMA athletes and coaches and many men and women who recommend the product.

Instant Knockout Pros & Cons


  • Reduces Appetite

Instant Knockout uses appetite suppressing ingredients to reduce hunger cravings and feelings of tiredness that can come from reducing your food intake. When we have hunger cravings, we often reach for high-fat or high-sugar foods. These kinds of foods are notorious for switching off fat-burning and increasing fat-storage. Because of this, Instant Knockout reduces the need for these kinds of foods, ensuring that you won’t reverse the fat-burning process.

  • Boosts the metabolic rate of your body

Instant Knockout uses natural ingredients to increase how quickly your body burns fat. Science has shown that dieting and increasing exercise can reduce your metabolic rate. This is because your body adapts and stores extra fat to ensure that you have enough energy to keep going through the reduced caloric intake. This often slows down your metabolic rate, making it more challenging to burn fat. Instant Knockout offers a different, more effective solution. Instant Knockout boosts your metabolism, ensuring that your body is working in overdrive to burn off fat.

  • Increases energy levels

Instant Knockout utilizes its all-natural ingredients to increase your body’s energy stores, meaning that you won’t get tired even if you are reducing your fat and sugar intake. The body uses sugar for energy, so if you start to eat less sugary foods, then there is a chance you will be more tired. Instant Knockout counters this with a substantial energy boost packed into each red pill. With this, you can carry on living your life as usual.


  • Behind on new and improved ingredients and formulas

The main issue with Instant Knockout is its age. In the last five years, Instant Knockout has not updated its formula. While this is not a massive issue, it means that Instant Knockout users are missing out on cutting edge research on fat burning. Again, this does not imply that Instant Knockout is worth the money, but it does mean that there are products out there that claim to have similar or even improved effects.

  • Side effects may occur with excessive use.

Instant Knockout has been reported to cause side effects when used excessively. These side effects include light-headedness and an increase in heart rate. This is because Instant Knockout contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Due to this, Instant Knockout should not be used by anyone who has heart issues or high blood pressure.

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Does it work?

The big question: does Instant Knockout work? Instant Knockout has been shown to produce significant fat-burning effects in multiple people. It is useful for both men, women, and professional athletes. A cursory search on their website reveals several testimonials from people, with pictures showing their transformation.

The testimonials demonstrate a significant fat burning, with massive weight loss in as little as a month. After three months, each person looks almost unrecognizable. Even though Instant Knockout has been around longer than any of the shinier, fancier new fat burning supplements, it still manages to deliver.

Instant Knockout is a great way to reduce fat, with all-natural ingredients ensuring that results come quickly. It is a product that is recommended for anyone trying to lose weight fast, whether you are a professional athlete wanting to cut weight before a tournament or just someone who wants to look more fit than they currently do.

Finally, Instant Knockout is endorsed by multiple athletes and coaches, including MMA fighters.

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How Instant Knockout work?

Instant Knockout functions on three fronts. Firstly, it boosts your metabolism, ensuring that your body is burning fat. Whether you are at the gym, sitting on the sofa, or going for an afternoon walk, your body will always be burning energy. How much might it burns depends on the metabolic rate of your body at that time? What Instant Knockout does is boost that metabolic rate, making your body work overtime to burn fat.

Furthermore, Instant Knockout contains Green Tea, which is there for a specific reason. Green Tea switches off the Alpha-2 receptor, responsible for holding your fat from locking onto parts of your body. Once this receptor is switched off, the fat is available to be burned. This combination of switching off the Alpha-2 receptor and boosting your metabolism is a big part of why Instant Knockout shows such massive and fast results.

Additionally, Instant Knockout contains ingredients that act to reduce hunger cravings. If you are trying to lose weight, you will likely try to stay away from snacks between meals. However, we all know how hunger pains make that much harder. Instant Knockout battles this by reducing your appetite, ensuring that you won’t accumulate more fat, and halt your weight loss journey.

Finally, Instant Knockout also provides energy. When you reduce sugar intake or boost your metabolism and start burning fat, you can get tired and rundown. This is because your body does not have enough energy to carry on performing its vital functions. Instant Knockout prevents this by including ingredients high in power, such as caffeine. These ingredients provide you with that much-needed boost of energy.

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Instant Knockout Ingredients:

Instant Knockout contains ten specially selected ingredients designed to work together to produce the highest weight loss possible. These ten ingredients are all-natural, meaning that any weight loss you experience will be due to your own body working overtime and not because of unnatural, dangerous chemicals.

  1. Green Tea Extract

This contains a large number of bioactive polyphenols called catechins. These catechins boost your metabolism, break down stored fat, and increase your body’s total energy expenditure.

  1. Cayenne Pepper Seeds

These seeds are known to be packed full of vitamins, such as A, C, and B6. It also contains capsaicin, a bioactive alkaloid that boosts insulin sensitivity, improving the way your body stores carbohydrates by as much as 24%.

  1. Glucomannan

This is the crucial ingredient which is in Instant Knockout to reduce appetite and cravings. It is a complex carbohydrate that passes through your stomach without being digested, giving you the illusion of being full.

  1. Caffeine Anhydrous

A key ingredient for increasing your energy, Caffeine Anhydrous inhibits adenosine receptors, increasing your total power massively. It can also help with focus and cognitive abilities.

  1. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is crucial for improving the way your body synthesizes energy. It also increases the rate of your metabolism and increasing levels of fat oxidation. Finally, it can help to build muscle and control your diet.

  1. Vitamin B12

This helps to convert food into usable energy. Like some of the other ingredients here, it also boosts your metabolism, mood, and immune system.

  1. GTF Chromium

This is a nutrient that is often overlooked in the health field. However, research has shown, time and time again, that GTF Chromium is excellent for controlling insulin levels, ensuring that carbohydrates are stored in a way that does not increase fat or weight.

  1. Zinc

Zinc promotes higher levels of testosterone, which increases the levels of protein synthesis in your body. It also improves glucose metabolism and decreases blood fat content.

  1. Piperine

This is a black pepper extract, which can increase thermogenesis and even stop new fat cells’ formation. It switches on a fat-burning receptor in the body, inducing active fat reduction.

  1. Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Beans are unroasted coffee beans. While they do not contain caffeine (Green Tea Extract and Caffeine Anhydrous take care of that), they are very effective at slowing down the fat absorption rate from food. It also has cholesterol-lowering properties.

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Shipping, Prices, and Return Policy

Instant Knockout is priced pretty reasonably, with a one-month supply costing $59. This is a single box, which contains 120 pills. At four pills a day, this will last you a whole month. However, the Instant Knockout website also offers an ‘Ultimate Shredding Pack,’ containing three bottles of Instant Knockout and an extra free one. This option costs $185. There is free shipping to the USA and the UK. They also operate a money-back guarantee, where the customer can return unwanted and unused items straight back to their address. This can be done by contacting customer support, which is listed on the website.

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How to use Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is taken four times a day, spread over 9 hours. The website’s guidance recommends taking one pill at 8 am, one at 11 am, one at 2 pm, and one at 5 pm. This is meant to align with one first thing in the morning, then one before lunchtime, one in the afternoon, and finally one before your evening meal.

Side Effects

While there are no serious reported side effects, Instant Knockout contains a significant amount of caffeine. While this is safe, caffeine increases your heart rate. Because of this, you should not take more than the recommended dose. Furthermore, if you are at risk of heart problems or have high blood pressure, you should always cautiously approach Instant Knockout. Talking with your doctor before taking any additional supplements is still a good idea.

Where to buy Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout can be bought on the Instant Knockout official website. It can be ordered in several different amounts. A one-month supply package, a two-month supply package, and a four-month supply package are all available. At this time, Instant Knockout is only available straight from the official website.

Instant Knockout Review – Summary

In conclusion, Instant Knockout is an effective and safe way to burn fat. The natural ingredients used in each red pill are designed to work together to burn as much fat as possible, as fast as possible.

While some may argue that the formula and the ingredients used in Instant Knockout are outdated, there is no denying that Instant Knockout has produced some of the best results seen in weight-loss. Furthermore, the three-pronged approach of boosting metabolic rate, reducing hunger cravings, and increasing energy have been scientifically proven to reduce fat and induce weight loss in the most effective way possible.

This fat-burning supplement is suitable for men, women, and professional athletes.

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