launches to compete with Internshala in India


Takeaway: Internships are very important for an individual’s overall development from academically to their job life. With so much going around the internships and their importance, there is a surge in an increase in demand for internships.

Why is finding internships difficult in India?

There are plenty of websites and internship portals that offers internships in various fields like management, marketing, finance, science and research, writing, and so much.

But unfortunately, some of these websites are not convenient for the students. They don’t provide the required filter options and stipend amount desired by the students. Some of these sites don’t offer the required job opportunities in the fields that they require.

For instance, finding an internship in agriculture and science-related fields are tough as not much of these sites offer internship in such fields.

Internshala is one of the most popular and renowned internship finding websites in India. The site has over 60,000 listed internships from various fields, and all stipends can be seen there. The students can navigate between various internships and apply. – your ultimate destination to find the best internships!

A new platform – has been launched to compete with Internshala. The site will be listing internships from every field so that you don’t feel left out!’s main objective is to provide quality internship opportunities to students. The platform will also be listing startup internship opportunities. Recruiters from all over India can post internships and even get premium benefits like download resume options so that hiring can become easier.’s benefits to students:

  1. Internship in every field from thousands of verified, renowned companies and top startups.
  2. Apply to any internship within a few seconds with a quick apply option.
  3. Stipend filter as per your preference. Just set the filters and get internships with your desired stipend.
  4. Campus ambassador and get a chance to win vouchers. So refer and earn exciting goodies.
  5. Company profiles with full details so that you don’t have a vague but clear idea.’s benefits to recruiters:

  1. have thousands of verified candidates so that you can get the best candidates for your company.
  2. Post any internship in no time from any device with us, whether mobile, laptop or anything! Get convenience delivered only at
  3. Design your profile so that the students get a clear idea about your company and its objectives.

Importance of doing internships in a startup

There is so much to do and so much to learn.

Given that a typical startup doesn’t have much staff, there is usually a lot to do and, as a product, a lot to learn, so startup jobs are on a rise. Everyone who works there will wear a lot of hats, as the saying goes. Although it may be a little annoying to work on a project that may not be relevant to your reason for being hired, you can always gain something from that experience. There is also the opportunity for you to find a position that best suits your goals and expectations because you have to get out of your comfort zone and work on something else. As a result, this benefit goes up on the list.

It feels like a big piece of the puzzle.

There are, without a doubt, many benefits of working for large companies, but there is also the idea that you “feel small” can come from it. When you start, there may be two employees, 10, 18, or more. Everything everyone does is very important, so that idea of ​​”feeling small” doesn’t exist at all. Feeling like a great piece of the puzzle makes working on the start special.

It would be easy to go up in the ranks.

In the same book, as there are fewer employees, it can also be easier to find high-level positions and responsibilities. That is not to say that it may not be easy for a large company or that the same position may initially be less honorable; that just based on numbers, the speculations of one employee wearing the title of CEO, CFO, CTO can rise in a company with fewer employees than in a company with more.

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