Is It Unhealthy To Sleep With Your Pet Dog?


Dog owners want to sleep with dogs. I mean, who wants a retriever Bed in their rooms separately. We want our best friend with us. Dog lovers will go to sleep with their dogs. But, it can cause some problems for many people.

It is not mandatory to be evident in every person, but most of them. However, you should keep yourself informed about how you can sleep your pet dog and stay healthy.

This is the reason, below in this article; we are going to discuss what can be the possible issues. Get to know about them and stay healthy with your pet dog!

  • Pet Hair

Pet hair is the most common and evident issue in almost all cases. Many people don’t bother much, but it is a problematic situation for the nasal tract. It can hamper one’s sleep and also health.

  • Sleeping With Partner

Studies revealed after deep analysis that sleeping with a dog reduces the owner’s sleep and affects sleep quality. This way, they keep on waking up all night long. At the same time, sleeping with a partner brought up more comfort and quality sleep. So, it is not considered advisable much to sleep with your pup.

  • Sleep Efficiency

People with dogs in beds got sleep efficiency of only 80 percent that is only sufficient sleep. They keep on waking all night long, which is an alarming situation for their health.

  • Infectious Diseases

Studies showed that dogs also became the cause of many infectious diseases, especially in women. People with diabetes or HIV positive were found to be more vulnerable to contagious diseases.

  • Aggravation of Allergies

Dogs are found to be the main reason for allergies and asthma. Sleeping with your dog in your bed can be problematic so far.

  • Dominance And Aggression

If you allow your dog to sleep with you, and someday you do not allow him, it will make him aggressive and tear everything apart.

  • Passing Ticks

Sometimes there exist some serious issues in sleeping with your dog on the bed. Germs and parasites can transfer on you and ticks that can be problematic even if you keep your dog clean.

  • Sense Of Possession

The sense of possession is the most alarming fear as your dog will start to think that the bed is his only. Thus, whenever he wants to cuddle with you and will see your children on the bed, he will start to growl and maybe can scare or harm your baby.

  • Well Trained Dogs

Dogs are pack animals. In case you have a well-trained puppy that does not usually sleep on the bed, they will notify you as the pack leader. Always invite your dog on the bed after a few minutes of your stay so that he might know it is not his territory. Thus, he will act nicely.

In Nutshell

It is pretty much evident that if a dog sleeps with you, it is unhealthy. Consequently, if your fluffy companion wants a sound sleep, retriever beds are the best, comfortable option. It is designed in such a way that they are good enough to comfy your pet’s sleep. It is also washable in case your pet gets old and leaks urine on the bed.

So, we can conclude this article on the point that you should avoid sleeping with your pet, instead comfy him in his own bed. Moreover, to know more about your pet’s comfort, you can visit

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