KYC Automation: Advantages for Customers

Know Your Customer (KYC) security verification is vital for markets around the world. You can automate KYC to save your business from fraud and protect your money. Modern companies, especially those that deal with financial interactions, prefer to implement leading KYC technologies.

While the companies are trying to protect their funds and developments, many customers still try to avoid the KYC system, mistakenly believing that all their private information will be used by third parties. KYC is supported by multiple governmental programs and protected by laws. Most importantly, while some clients prefer not to waste a few seconds passing through the KYC security check, they will be the first in line to demand security from you.

Advantages of KYC

This is the best way to protect your money, avoid fraud and resist bribery if you are working online. KYC may undermine the principle of anonymity, but it grants access to the services that customers require and ensures secure and seamless customer experience. KYC verification does not break any laws and must happen in accordance with US regulations.

The advantages you receive:

  • Scammers cannot access the website. It means that your customers don’t have to worry about dealing with fake information;
  • Money laundering is excluded. KYC verification prevents any potentially dangerous or terrorist groups from using the services of the company. Customers will not get in trouble for taking part in such schemes;
  • Safety of investors’ assets is guaranteed. The more advanced KYC procedure, the safer investors’ and customers’ money is;
  • There are no tax, legal or reputational issues. Your reputation remains clean;
  • All the information you need is online and centralized;
  • There is a simple identification process with NLP and machine learning. You don’t have to wait for an eternity to access the services you require;
  • Customer information is completely protected. It can’t be used for purposes other than customer authentication;
  • Credibility with any national or international banks is significantly higher if you use KYC.

Automated or Manual Customer Onboarding

It is not a secret that processing the information manually takes longer than the automated one. Automated onboarding offers a significantly wider range of advantages for clients than those of manual authentication. To automate the onboarding of clients, companies use this simple scheme:

  • Choose whether they want to use manual or automated KYC checks for the onboarding of the new clients;
  • Ensure that the information about the client is 100 percent accurate if you chose the manual KYC. To do it, perform a total credit check of the company;
  • Perform a periodic maintenance of your client database, checking the validity of contact and credit information.

KYC for Clients

Automation of KYC is the future of all businesses nowadays. With millions of scammers and frauds, it is the only way for companies to protect themselves and their clients. The automated process takes no longer than several minutes and you receive access to the information you were looking for without unnecessary risk of losing your identity and your money to scammers.

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