Learn How to Make Your Own Tree House


Treehouses are a hub of inciting imagination in the minds of all kinds of people— big or small. It may come as a surprise, but it isn’t very hard to make a treehouse at home. All you need is some dedication, grit, and a whole lot of imagination, and once you’ve tempered down these key traits, all you have to do is make a plan carefully and then follow it through!

There are some intricacies involved when it comes to designing and constructing a treehouse by yourself. Here is a quick guide to walk you through the process of making the perfect treehouse for you and your family.

What is a Treehouse?

As its name suggests, a treehouse is a tiny little house made up or supported by a tree. It is usually constructed as a hub for imaginative activity, a sort of playhouse for children that they can generally access through a ladder.

A treehouse is generally a hut-like construction made using wooden planks, with its shape and size depending upon the shape of the tree as well as the requirements of the parents and the children.

Making a Treehouse in Six Easy Steps

Here are six simple steps to follow so you can make your own treehouse.

  1. Check the Legalities: believe it or not, constructing a treehouse needs a little planning to be done right. Before anything, you need to make sure that you can legally have such a construction in your intended spot. There have been instances when people have put in their blood and sweat in the making of a treehouse only to have it torn down as it violated some legalities.
  2. Choose your Tree: this entails picking the perfect tree or spot onto which to make the construction. It is a good idea to choose an older tree that has a sturdier trunk and branches which can support the weight of the treehouse as well as any children who might be inside it. Some people also go for making a treehouse that is supported by multiple trees for better structural stability.
  3. Design the Treehouse: like all good things, designing a treehouse before construction is the best way to go ahead. Make sure you measure correctly and take into account practicalities such as the weight-bearing ability, the stability of the construction, and also the kind of material used.
  4. Collect the Relevant Material: make sure you have all the materials you need to make the treehouse. Materials include good quality wooden planks, hammers and nails, fasteners, joists, rafter ties, and many more.
  5. Slow and Steady: let’s face it, you may not exactly be a professional, thus it is always a good idea not to rush into things but take things slow and get them right. Make sure you give enough time for the making of the treehouse platform or base as it needs to be firmly in place if it is to be a safe playing space for kids. Make sure the frame is firmly constructed before building the rest of the structure. Remember to construct a ladder for the entrance, and a roof for some covering.
  6. Decorate and Furnish: after you have built the structure, make sure you add a window, some railings, a swing, or a fun slide. Children can bring their toys or a big plushy cushion to liven it up!


As you have seen, designing and constructing a treehouse can be an exciting project for you and your kids. Like all good things, it is always a good idea to plan ahead to ensure that you go through each step with meticulous ease. This will help make sure that the treehouse is the perfect one for you!

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