Leojeany Stylist Announces Music-Inspired Merch


Leojeany, a fashion and styling brand based in New York City, intends to intersect their style with music through a new line of clothing for musicians. The brand’s founder, Leo Li, claims to have a very distinct style, one which he wishes to expand into the lives of musicians. The new line will be by Leojeany and musicians, but for everyone, following the brand’s mission to sharpen high-fashion and luxury design into more attainable and convenient wear.

Leo Li, the stylist and fashion influencer behind Leojeany, announces the new line, which will be tailored toward musicians. Li finds inspiration from famous figures such as Rhianna, who he holds has wonderfully represented her own music style with the outfits she chooses to fashion. Drawing encouragement from these efforts, Leojeany decided to create its new line to emanate the lifestyle of a musician while remaining true to the Leojeany brand.

“Your music reflects who you are. So should the clothes you wear,” claims Li.

From rock to pop, Li intends to recruit a broad range of musicians to aid with the making of the line. Leojeany wants to create a brand that musicians can don to represent their style. The business currently maintains connections with several musical artists around the Manhattan area, who they plan to uplift with the new line. Li claims that the intention behind the Leojeany musician-catered line is simply to enable musicians to express the core of who they are.

Leojeany will do this by detailing each musician’s musical process into the clothing. Li claims that the Leojeany brand will listen to artists’ music and interview them on their thoughts when creating the song. Then, the company will craft their message into a hand-made design. 

The line will be characterized by colors, styles, patterns, and cuts that visibly represent artists’ music. The brand plans to familiarize with artists’ songs and albums, taking the lead and emanating the song’s meaning through clothing. For example, a particular shade of red in a shirt could represent the feeling of love and desire in a song. An album that contemplates heartbreak might be shown by a collection of darker coats, lending a physical presence to the otherwise abstract concept of a song. 

Upon realizing the power that good design can have on musicians’ image, Li decided to involve himself. The new musician-centered approach will serve to complement the already-established Leojeany style. The fashion designer and influencer, originally from XinJiang, China, announced a desire to create the clothing line in the names of music and Leojeany. 

Typically, the brand will share clothing that is bold and daring with bright colors and risqué cuts. Li claims that the newest business direction is meant to inspire Leojeany followers with a new approach to la mode. He thought of the new line in order to spread the Leojeany mission of showing the world that luxurious, high-fashion can be tailored into any area of life, including music.

“Leojeany likes crazy,” holds the brand’s founder.

With an eye for design, Li claims to have begun Leojeany with a goal to fashion luxury items into everyday wear. He created the brand to progress elite styles into outfits that also contain the comfort and convenience of street fashion. As someone who prefers exclusive brand clothing yet efficient fits, Li continuously searches for a way to combine the two qualities. The Leojeany brand does this through networking events such as New York Fashion Week and, soon, plans to show its face at Milan Fashion Week.

The Leojeany brand posted photos of the week-long New York affair on their social media platforms, handles which they use to spread style inspirations. Some of the most intriguing looks from the week featured models donned in intense, neon colors, which highly resonate with the Leojeany approach. As seen on the Leojeany Instagram, models walked the runway in bright, fuzzy hats, silky tracksuits, and lingerie as casual wear. Li claims to have witnessed a surplus of stunning styles during the week, particularly remembering a notable, black-leather finale of one of the shows. The photos on their social media inspire Leojeany fashion followers, who await their new music-catered clothing line. 


The photos on their social media inspire Leojeany fashion followers, who await their new music-catered clothing line. Leojeany is a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan that offers customized photo sessions, personal style tips, makeup services, and more.

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