Letting somebody else drive your car, how does this affect your car insurance?


Before you allow somebody else to drive your car make sure that the person is covered by car insurance. Violating this norm can turn out to be costly if the car meets with an accident when driven by an uninsured person. Even you might land up paying extra premium for allowing an uninsured person to drive your car.

If it happens that you are compelled to allow someone to drive your car then check the insurance angle carefully before taking the decision. Read the policy document that you have to ascertain the extent of coverage in such situations and whether there is any coverage at all. Some policies might not have any provision for allowing other drivers. Check with the insurance company or the agent to know how best you can arrange for coverage.

The genesis of accident

How the accident has happened and whether the driver of your car was responsible for it would determine how much of extra financial liability you might have to bear. If the driver of your car is not at fault then you should consider yourself lucky because your insurance policy will not be adversely affected by the incident.

UK Car Insurance Company – Click4Warranty says you can lodge a claim for compensation for the damages to your car and if there is complete coverage of the policy, you can expect a minimum coverage for the driver too. But do not forget to notify the insurance company no matter who is at fault for the accident.

Get the driver included

You can get the driver included in your insurance policy provided you have proof of giving permission to the driver for using your car. This can be a written permission or even a verbal one.  If your car meets with an accident the person being allowed to drive your car with permission can be included in the policy by making use of the omnibus clause. However, the coverage will be quite low.

Liability coverage

The bodily injury liability covered by liability insurance is applicable if you allow another person to drive your car even if that person is uninsured and the accident has happened due to his or her fault. But if the claim exceeds the coverage you have to pay it from your pocket to cover the personal injury and the medical costs of the passengers of the other vehicle. The injury and medical costs of the driver of your vehicle is not covered by the policy and it has to be borne by you.

Property damage

Having collision and comprehensive coverage gives you complete peace of mind when you allow another driver to drive your car. This particular policy does not take into consideration who was in the driver’s seat at the time of accident. Your car is totally protected even if wrecked when hit by another car driven by an uninsured person. The policy covers the other vehicle also, if the driver of your car is at fault. But the extent of coverage will be determined by the policy you have.

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