Memory care homes and Covid-19 – what you should know


It would help if you noted that people who have dementia are not at a higher risk of getting Covid-19 because it is a pathogen that causes respiratory illness. People who have dementia are not at risk for the flu. Similarly, they are not at risk of getting this deadly disease. However, with dementia, many age and common health issues pop up, thereby putting an individual at a higher risk. For example, a person who has dementia would not remember to wash their hands to keep away the virus.

Moreover, it becomes tough to remind them about other necessary precautions that they must take to keep the virus away from them. Any flu, including Covid, might lead to severe cognitive impairment in people who have dementia. You must be happy to know that various Community Care services have begun to open to welcome patients after the pandemic. However, you must ensure that the committee care follows additional safety guidelines so that the patients remain safe and healthy in the community care.

Some significant guidelines followed by caregivers in dementia care homes

By following these guidelines, the memory care facilities ensure the safety of the patient who has dementia

  • If you notice that the patient who has dementia has developed a more confusing mind, it is one of the illness signs. If you see any abnormal changes in the person’s behavior, you should immediately take precautions and a proper diagnosis. If the person has a high fever or any breathing difficulty, then the staff in dementia care should take appropriate measures and run a Covid test. You must consult a senior doctor who can diagnose the problem and develop an apt solution to deal with the emergency.
  • Anyone who has dementia needs extra concern, compassion, care, and constant reminders to ensure that they undertake daily hygiene practices. Therefore the caregiver must remind them about the daily routine hygiene activities and the correct precautions so that it gets embedded in their minds. You can place signs in the washroom and other essential places to remind dementia patients to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds regularly.
  • You must demonstrate to them how to wash their hands properly so that they can do so regularly.
  • You must always remind them that if the water is not available, they should use a hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol concentration to clean their hands before eating or performing daily activities.
  • If you notice abnormal behavior in a patient with dementia, you should always have an alternate plan in case of emergency or contact senior management center members. You may visit memory care Brooklyn NY for the state of the art treatment and train staff who appropriately take care of the patient during these trying times.
  • The dementia care home has trained professionals to take action during an emergency; as such, you know that your patient is in safe hands. Therefore, every staff in the dementia care home must follow the guidelines required to keep the deadly pathogen outside the community care home.
  • Most of the memory care homes have trained professionals to take immediate action during an emergency and have a backup health professional number or contact information of family members to inform if an emergency occurs. You must take necessary precautions, but if you notice any abnormal behavior changes in the patient, you need to take immediate action and diagnose tests.
  • If any of the staff members notice any signs of Covid, they refrain from coming close to the patient and following quarantine measures to prevent the disease’s further spread.
  • The community care professionals ensure that they limit visitors and prohibit visitors in any emergency case scenario. Many family members might have a problem with this. Still, they must understand that it is for the patients’ benefit to ensure that they do not get infected by the deadly pathogen.
  • Moreover, they give proper contact details to the family members to get appropriate mental and physical updates of the patient if they are not allowed to visit the facility in person. They also conduct video call sessions to improve the patients’ mental well-being by communicating with family members.
  • They continuously monitor patients and do not leave them alone as such minor changes in behavior get immediately treated.
  • All the staff members wear PPE kits and masks whenever they contact the patient so that they do not contaminate or infect the patient in case of any Covid symptoms.

Apart from the patient, all the staff members should also follow the Covid guidelines of hygiene and safety rules to prevent further contamination in the community. You can explore the safety precautions in memory care Baton Rouge for the benefit of your patient.

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