Men Fashion Trends in 2021: What Will Make Your a Style Icon


The modern man is fashionable. Gone are the days when menswear is limited to shirts and denim. Men nowadays understand that what you wear can have a profound impact on your personality. It can boost your confidence, keep you presentable, and make you stand out.

And it’s always great to stay ahead in terms of fashion. That said, there are amazing men’s fashion pieces to watch out for this year.

What are the fashion trends in 2021? From pinstripes to ski pants to Bermuda shorts, let’s take a look at the most exciting pieces to make you a style icon.

Ski Pants

Expect these unlikely wardrobe pieces to take the spotlight this 2021. Ski pants won’t be exclusively for your ski trips, they’ll become common apparel come summer and spring season. If you are the flashy type, you can go with colorful pants.


Pinstripes are just every men fashion runways. From wide-leg trousers to oversized suits, these cool patterns in tailoring will surely make you stylish this 2021. The fine quality pinstriped suit can add zest to your business casual getup. Wide-leg trousers with playful pinstripes are refreshing.

Letterman jackets

Regardless of the season, letterman jackets are trendy. These classic pieces have been in the fashion scene for a long time – and 2021 is no different. Along with classic jacket styles like the bomber jacket, the varsity jackets are expected to be featured by top fashion brands come spring/summer. Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are just a few luxury brands to showcase the letterman jackets.

Sweater Vests

This old-school wardrobe piece is reemerging this year. Men will look more preppy with the sweater vests. They’re perfect for adding a layer, color, and life to your everyday wear.

1970s Style

Harry Styles and many Hollywood gigolos definitely love the 70’s fashion – and his global popularity has resurrected the era’s style. The trend is here to stay as luxury brands Lanvin and Gucci have collections entirely dedicated to the vintage era.

Trench Coats

Fashion insiders predict the trench coat to be a go-to staple for men this year. Although this fashion statement piece has been around for too long, it is gaining much attention in 2021. Be playful and explore the different ways to wear the trench coat. Pair it up and mix up an oversized coat with unusual accessories to look even more stylish.


With our obsession to be fit and healthy while quarantined at home, the athleisure trend is here to stay. Men are particularly in love with the comfort and stylishness of athleisure clothes. They’re perfect whenever and wherever. Make sure you have these pieces in your closet as you’ll likely need them to dress up well.


The past year was definitely a big year for leather as fashion trendsetters and stylists made it their go-to material. In 2021, wearing leather (either faux or real) will keep you in style. Keep those leather boots, shirt, or jacket in your closet as they will remain fashionable.


It’s not unusual for floral prints to grace the runway. But this year we’ll be seeing more of these gleeful outfits once the warmer season – and even beyond.

Open-toed shoes

Comfort is a big thing for this year’s fashion. Stylists look at open-toe shoes as the biggest hit when it comes to footwear, especially when summer comes. So, make sure you have a pair of Birkenstocks ready.

Pastel colors

It’s rather unusual for men to be wearing pastel colors. But this 2021, these colors will dominate men’s fashion houses. Pastel outfit just blends well with different seasons. You’ll look stylish with a pastel outfit on a summery day as well as in spring.


Fashion favorite and very utilitarian, the cardigans are great outerwear for any occasion. They make a good alternative to the ordinary jacket by adding texture to your wardrobe. If you want to add flair to your style, you won’t go wrong with the cardigans.


The artistic and vibrant motifs are set to be highlighted in the upcoming 2021 fall fashion show. With their breathtaking appeal, we’re pretty sure that this will be a huge hit this year. Stay ahead of your fashionista friends by going with motifs.

Bermuda Shorts

Lastly, the Bermuda shorts is something we’ll see a lot once summer 2021 rolls. Look for Bermuda bottoms that fits no lower than your knees. Complete your look with pastel colors, florals, or motifs – and a pair of open-toed footwear.

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