People Share How The Recovered Scammed Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


Have you lost your money to bitcoin scam? Here’s how some victims were able to recover their scammed bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. We have spoken to a lot of victims of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scam. Interestingly, some of them were able to recover their scammed cryptocurrency, and they share their experience on how they were able to do it.

Financial Reliance is one of the best bitcoin recovery experts. An interesting fact is that a lot of people we interviewed who were able to recover their scammed cryptocurrency got it back through Financial Reliance. Financial Reliance only takes up cases involving losses of over $40,000 (US Dollar). Website –

Meet Jason, a married father of two kids from England. He had ‘invested’ over 140,000 GBP, using making payment with his credit cards. He invested in what he believed to be a legitimate and trustworthy bitcoin investment website, he actually made good profit and watched as his account grew.

When he tried making a withdrawal, the company was not allowing him to withdraw his money, both the capital he invested and the profit he made. It became apparent to him at this point that he had been a victim of scam. He had just been scammed by one of the many fraudulent bitcoin investment websites on the internet.

Jason was filled with anger and sadness, but he needed to find a way to recoup what he had lost. So he went online, trying to look for a way to recover the scammed bitcoin. Luckily for him, he found an article on the same issue that recommended “Financial Reliance” an online consumer watchdog website that has been helping victims of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams to recover all they have lost to these scams.

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Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency scams have been on a rise in recent times. Another responder who goes by the name Matt, shared an experience of how a girl he met on Instagram was able to convince him to invest into what seems like a very good cryptocurrency investment. The girl had initiated conversation with him by sending him a message on Instagram. Within, a couple of days, they had become ‘friends’ and were chatting regularly.

Some days after they became friend, she introduced him to a bitcoin investment website that was offering good returns, and was able to convince him to invest 96,500 Euro. Just like the case with Jason, Matt also watched with excitement as his investment increased astronomically. But he smelled foul play when his attempt to withdraw from his account was not honored. He initially thought it was a problem with his account and tried reaching the customer support of the investment platform, all to no avail.

Matt began sending the investment website admin personal emails demanding her money back, and threatening to report them to the appropriate financial regulators, but this also proved abortive. It was at this point, that Matt decided to asked for help. He discussed his situation with a close friend, who was advised him to contact Financial Reliance.

He sent an email to –, to fill a formal complaint. Within ten days of contacting Financial Reliance, all of his money was fully refunded.

How to Recover Scammed Cryptocurrency

Both Jason and Matt are two of the fortunate few who were successfully able to get back their lost bitcoin. According to the French securities regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), over 85% of cryptocurrency investors lose some or all of their money. This is due to the fact that most of these companies operate fraudulent schemes, so they make directly from investors’ losses. Some employees of some of these investment scam websites, said some investors are able to withdraw some money if they declined taking a “bonus” given to investors by the websites.

This is not to mention the many small-print strings attached, encouraging them to invest more. This is often later used as an excuse to stop them from getting out their funds. Our advice to people generally is that they should be wary of aggressive sales pitches, that are very resolute in their demands. Another approach that works is when investors threaten a credit card chargeback, they most times get refunds. As this mounts a lot of pressure on the website and cause them immense headaches, and this also doesn’t work every time.

The local police and law enforcement in affected areas have been exposing these largely fraudulent bitcoin investment websites. They have also been sensitizing the people about the need to properly investigate any business opportunity that seems too good to be true in order not to fall victim of crypto scams.

How to Retrieve Stolen Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Another way these fraudulent websites look for investors/victims is through social media or sending unsolicited emails to their email addressed. Most of them are fraudulent and employ a variety of schemes to lure in investors and steal their money. These fake companies lure their victims into making what they are deceived to believe will be profitable short-term investments in digital currency. In majority of cases however, the investors end up losing almost all (if not, all) of their money. The estimated value of bitcoin that has been stolen in the past couple of years in worth well over $1 billion.

Brady’s Experience with Bitcoin Recovery Expert

“I don’t know how this Bitcoin Trader is allowed to do business in the UK other than no-one has investigated them. It is a complete scam from their proprietary trading platform which is full of ‘bugs’ to deceive customers and misrepresent market data completely right down to their customer service who will reply to you only on the last day FCA allow for a response and will use all types of tricks to close your complete prematurely.”

He continued: “Bitcoin Trader Investment website is a complete scam! I am surprised how this company is allowed to do business particularly in this economic climate. I sincerely hope the FCA and Financial Ombudsman shut them down soon, so that more people are not scammed.

“It took the joint effort of my credit card company and Financial Reliance, a fin-tech expert company to recoup my lost funds. You can contact Financial Reliance via email –”

Unfortunately for this Bitcoin Trader Investment company, Brady is a software engineer, which made it possible for him to be able to ‘detect / QA.’ “They have a trading scam by rogue proprietary technology, and I have photographic and video evidence of the fraud they perpetrated against me. I will be publishing that information to Youtube and the internet to make others aware”, he concluded.

Best Way to Recover Stolen Bitcoin

Financial Reliance is one of the best and most rated assets recovery companies in the world. You can trust them to help you recover your money lost to bitcoin scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary options scam, forex scam, investment scam or any other kind of scam. Financial Reliance is also able to recover lost private key, and also recover funds lost due to any form of bad bitcoin transactions.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Financial Reliance only takes up cases involving losses of over $40,000 (US Dollar). Financial Reliance; Email – // Website –

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