Perks of being a blogger on Pinterest


Pinterest is an online platform where you can reach out to aesthetics, beauty, and daily life moments. It is a discovery engine for finding ideas like style inspirations or just DIY recipes. It allows users to visually share and discover your interest as well as new hobbies.

Recent statistics show that it has up to 350 million active users. This result may be significantly lower, compared to Facebook, which has 2.7 billion customers, but the user growth rate is higher in the case of Pinterest. Remarkably, seven out of ten are female.

You may see this fastest-growing platform as a network where people share their everyday life but, from a social media marketing perspective, it is a new opportunity to make money through your account. It would be profitable for social media managers to look beyond other networks and focus on Pinterest outreach as well.

When being a user, you have to focus on pinning creative and inspirational pins to your audience. Pins are things that help you organize your content. When the image is open, you can press the pin button and attach it to your board. Pins can be a different kind of format like video, product, or story pins. There are over 200 billion pins. It is necessary to know that two-thirds is brand-related or product-related content.

Your contributions through Pinterest equals your success. If you engage more audiences and make them see or share your content, you will get a reward!

Here are some tips and tricks of how can our activity on this platform be turned into monetary benefits:

  1. Use SEO (search engine optimization) strategies for your content.

If you want to make money on Pinterest, all you have to do is to seize your content and descriptions to the most used words on the internet. You have to fill in the About section of your profile. You can insert 200 characters – be concise, add some essential keywords, and make your profile visible to searchers. On the other hand, each pin allows you to write around 100 words. You better add the link as well. This technique gains you more followers via search.

  1. Increase Repins by creating important content.

Let me describe why a large number of Repins is essential:

  • They create a high rating.
  • It will help you to market your brand and make it visible to the audience.
  • Repins allows you to identify a fan base.
  • They promote your company or individual profile.

The easiest way to gain repins is to get Pinterest repins.

  1. Make sponsorship with brands.

After you have a well-organized profile with many followers, plenty of repins, and a large audience, you may ask for a sponsorship. You need to determine what kind of public you have and how they match the needs of the sponsor. Make the companies see your Pinterest statistics and then offer them to let you pick up their product and promote during a month or longer term. It would be profitable not only on a monetary basis but you will gain followers that like these products and brands too.

  1. Engage in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate products are when you are selling company products, and you earn commissions on every item sold. Many brands nowadays are looking for brand ambassadors from any country to help them sell online. They give you a discount code, and potential customers are supposed to use them to get discounts every time they are going to buy anything. So the more sold items, the more commissions you are generating.

  1. Create your brand.

Having a lot of followers is the way to success. Either you can promote other product selling or create your company. Find out what you do well. Making tangible products or offering some services like education or consulting. They may have their prospective consumers as well. Pinterest will help you fit your brand image.

  1. Become a verified merchant.

When you become a verified merchant, more tools open up to you. If you are not a spammer, Pinterest gives you functions like incentives to make your product well-organized. We can assume that a merchant with a blue checkmark is likely to sell more because it catches customers’ eyes. You also get a shop tab where you can put all of your products. It is easier for a potential buyer to scroll down, see, and compare things to each other. You can filter in-stock products by category, featured groups, and recommendations. Pinterest must drive up to 35% more traffic to websites than Facebook.

Now you see how crucial your activity could be. Be proactive, engage more and more people. Upload creative content that will create demand for your products. Take demographics into consideration, the domination of female accounts. It will be unfair if you ignore the opportunities of Pinterest because statistics make us realize it is worth it! Start pinning and see what happens to your blog.

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