It is no secret that Google keeps on updating its algorithm to provide people with a more satisfying experience. The search engine tries to filter out bad websites to promote good ones that prioritize the users. Certain rules make a website unsuitable for its users. If you want your website to come on top of the list every time someone makes a Google search with similar keywords, you need to pay attention to the rules vehemently, to avoid being blacklisted. Read this article to find out how to use the Google algorithm to your advantage.

  1. Engaging Content: Some major sites with poorly promoted content got blacklisted the last time Google updated their policy. They want original, fresh and engaging content for their readers. If your website does not have original content, it is time to change that.
  • The first rule of creating a stunning website is to put the needs of the users first. The site must be user-friendly, to begin with. People should be able to access the site from both laptops and other handy devices such as mobile and tablets.
  • Use large fonts as studies show that a lot depends on the customization of fonts and color theme of the website. Google may rank your site on top of their list, but if your site is not exciting enough to look at, they will leave sooner than expected. Google will no longer show your site, on the top of the search results, if the bounce rate is higher than the average ratio.
  1. SEO Tools: Be sure to utilize the full benefits of SEO services to optimize your websites to gain a more organic reach and high-quality traffic.
  • Various analytics tools help you check the average time a visitor spends surfing your website. Now, this time should close to three minutes, as it would show that people are connecting with the engaging content on your website.
  • Use blogs, social media effectively to get a higher ranking in the Google search results. The algorithm puts focus on the social connectivity of a website. Therefore, the more Facebook shares, comments or social media engagements your website will have more chances for it to be popular.
  1. The Best Foot Forward: It is crucial to project the website in the best possible way to a visitor to create a lasting expression. If your website sells products, then make sure when they visit the site that is the first thing they see, in attractive fonts; the same goes with other popular websites. Let the visitors know that you are here to serve and make their experience a more comfortable one. Hire the best graphic designers and website developers to develop a user-friendly website.

With technological updates and advanced Google policy in place, there is always a chance that your website might get penalized for not following certain protocols. But don’t let the fear of losing traffic hold you back. Once you get the fundamental idea of what sort of website the search engine wants to showcase, you will be ready to beat the competition and stay on top.

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