Promoting the Use of CBD Oil to Cats


Everyone wants to be happy. Maybe this is one of the important goals of every person in this world. Based on various authors, it is the most pursued feeling in one’s life. This is above money and fame, health, and harmonious relationships with others. All of us want to be happy, am I right?

Some questions that you will encounter along the way are the following: Who will enjoy their loaded bank account if they are still not happy? What is the sense of being surrounded by your so-called friends but you are not happy about the person that you have become? Who would want to open up to the world, when deep inside, you are lost, anxious, and depressed?

We all strive to be contented with all that we have but contentment does not equate to happiness. The latter is the most desired feeling for humans, yet it is also one of the most complicated and difficult factors in one’s life to fully achieve and quantify. Click here to know more about the definition of happiness.

Why is it difficult for some people to be happy? Maybe because not everyone can be happy about their job if it does not pay well and support their families and loved ones. Not everyone can be happy with their course in the university if it is not their passion and dream. Not everyone can be able to entertain strangers or friends if they are lost and confused.

Additionally, happiness will not give you a single and general definition. It varies from person to person. Happiness for you does not necessarily mean that it is also my happiness. Hence, it is unique for every human being.  Check this article to know more about the connection between health and happiness:

As mentioned, happiness doesn’t come naturally based on the experiences of others. It has to be searched, discovered and can be built from scratch. Some people look for even small things that spark them joy. This may include cooking their favorite meals, going out, finding a new hobby, and having pets.

In this generation, pets are considered as a person’s companion, best friend, and even life partner. Having a pet can come with numerous health benefits. Caring for them can help you wipe away your problems, relieve anxiety and depression, and even improve your well-being and quality of life.

That is why there are a lot of individuals that focus more on having pets in their house rather than building their own family. Some people are not interested anymore in having new friends and mingling with other people. Others got tired of being in a situation where it no longer serves them happiness. There is also toxicity in some relationships that do not give growth.

Considering the significant effect of having pets, enumerated below are some of the reasons why some animals, like cats, can give us happiness:


Having cats or kittens in your household can brighten up your gloomy days. They can stick with you through thick and thin. Be by your side and cheer you up even in their simple ways. They do not judge, they will not betray you, and most importantly, they will always keep you company.

When having a cat or any pets in your home, you will notice that they have the tendency of having an independent nature in doing the things that they want while at the same time be a life companion with you.

Your heart will surely melt with their expressive eyes, fluffiness, and the soft-sounding purr that will give you reassurance and feelings of love and acceptance. Moreover, pet owners are aware of the immediate joys and happiness that come with having pets as their companions in life.

However, there are still other people who are unaware of the mental health, emotional, and physical health benefits of being a pet owner. Recently, there are a lot of emerging studies that focus on the benefits of having a bond with animals and making them your life companion.


Cats are very playful. They can play most of the day without getting tired. They can be your cheerleader and audience in every endeavor that you will encounter along the way.

They can be interactive and active towards other people in your household and other animals too. They love playing with their toys, jumping around, eating their favorite food, and asking you to play with them and scratch their tummy. Sharing your days and the rest of your life with a pet can provide you great joy and satisfaction that other material things cannot give.

Health Enhancer and Mood Booster

Many studies show that there is a significant relationship between emotional and psychological health with having a pet companion. They can boost your mood whenever you are sad or lonely. They can help you stay active and healthy by playing with them and walking them around.

As a loving owner, you must also assure that your pets are healthy and well. If ever they are experiencing some sickness or show irritability, you may use home remedies or other medication and supplements such as giving CBD for cats and visiting the nearest pet hospital that can provide a first-aid.

In conclusion, we can say that happiness can be discovered and found. It does not necessarily mean having sufficient money and constant life pleasures, but the feeling of contentment and gratitude every day.

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