Queen Zaynab’s journey as a philanthropist is reaching new pinnacles of triumph

Philanthropy is an odd area since relatively little research is conducted to investigate the nature of “good” in the world. Philanthropists, on the other hand, are more likely to figure things out as they go along since, after all, how can someone make a mistake by donating money to a good cause? Whether your actions were positive or negative, people are likely to lavish you with praise regardless. But what does it look like?First, they educate themselves and continue to educate themselves on the issues or areas that they want to concentrate on. Philanthropists need to know the communities they desire to serve and keep up with the ways in which those communities are evolving just as much as commercial investors benefit from having a solid awareness of the marketplaces in which they do business. The majority of donors will attend an annual celebration, where they will meet the CEO of a charity and listen to an address at a gala; yet, none of these activities will really foster true competence.

To get a broader perspective, great philanthropists should immerse themselves in the communities they want to improve, learn about the external influences and shifting contexts in which they operate, and study relevant works of literature, policy papers, and historical documents.This allows them to better understand the external pressures and changing environments that they are operating in. The most effective philanthropists become bona fide experts in their chosen fields of study. Queen Zaynab, an ambassador of UNFPA and founder of Queen Zaynab Foundation, is among those philanthropists who are experts in their chosen fields of study.


Factors that contributed to her success

Instead of focusing on their giving, great philanthropists choose to spend their time cultivating their expertise in their field. This focus sets Queen Zaynab apart from other philanthropists. She is less concerned with making a name for herself in the public eye and more concerned with being an inspiration to people in general. This is due to the fact that she is of the belief that the feeling of fulfillment and happiness that comes with giving is already a big reward in its own right. Instead of considering fame as a measure of her success, she employs the practice of generosity as a means of information gathering and dissemination. According to Queen Zaynab, great philanthropy is not about the ongoing provision of services that the government does not pay attention to; rather, it is about gaining knowledge, developing new ideas, conducting research, putting those ideas to the test, and establishing new standards for how things should be done.

It’s always the bigger picture

Whenever necessary, Queen Zaynab is willing to give up the fundraising industry-sold illusions of simplicity in return for a dose of the complicated truth. She acts this way because she thinks it will make a bigger difference. Some donors may brag about how much money they gave out at the end of the year, while others will emphasize the number of young lives they changed. But Queen Zaynab can explain the advancements in understanding and the new ways of practicing philanthropy she has introduced to the globe.

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