Quick Guide: Situations When a Storage Locker is Most Helpful


As the popular saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas! For the most part bigger can certainly be considered better, unless it’s a bigger amount of stuff than you know what to do with. Perhaps you’re in the midst of moving or just shop for more than your place can hold; whatever the reason may be, finding a way to deal with all those extra belongings is a must.

Before you resort to parting with any odds, ends or worldly goods, renting a storage unit in College Station might very well be the solution to hold your haul. Now let’s get into the different kinds of situations when a storage rental can be the most helpful.

Preparing to Move

For the most part, undertaking a lifestyle move is a rather stressful endeavour. Since no moving situation is the same from one person to the next, there can be certain stages of the moving process where you need to find a place for all your stuff before the actual move into your new place can happen.

Offset stress before it happens by renting a storage locker for the difficult stages of a move, such as:

  • To prepare for home staging so your place can be put on the market to sell
  • The closing date of your current place comes before you find a new place
  • The closing date of your current place is before the move in date for your new place

Make moving as hassle free as can be by storing your stuff safely out of sight and out of mind!


For anyone that has decided it’s time to downsize from their current home, chances are you need to figure out what can fit in your new place. The only issue is, what if you don’t want to get rid of the things that can’t fit in the new place? The simple solution is to hold on to what you love and rent a storage locker to keepthose extra belongings.

Undergoing a Home Renovation

Just saying “home renovation” can be enough to send shivers down your spine. Instead of tarping over your furniture and prized belongings, keep them safe and away from potential renovation related accidents by putting everything in a storage unit rental. Afterall, why even risk dropping a bucket of paint on that one uncovered spot of your sectional sofa that you swear was covered properly.

For large scale home renovations, a storage unit rental is also a great place to keep extra cars or motorcycles safe and out of any harm’s way during demolition.

Creating More Space at Home

Have more stuff than your home can hold? If you can’t walk from one room to the next without bumping into something, it’s probably time to clear up your space. There’s no need to go full minimalist and throw everything away, just pack up excess items and furniture creating clutter to put into a storage unit. In time, go through the storage unit and decide what to keep and what you’re ready to toss.

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