Should we buy furniture from online stores? (Online furniture purchase issues)


We often get what we want by searching the Internet much faster than traditional search. For example, by searching in the images section of Google or specialized furniture sites, a considerable number of images per page are possible. These sites usually respond to your choices and make the search easier by displaying related products. Finally, you show some products.

Of course, something may catch our eye when we browse Instagram with our mobile phones; But if you are going to buy furniture, it is much better to do this search on your computer, because it has a bigger screen and you can easily view different pages, and also using a computer is less ergonomically harmful to your health than using a mobile phone. When searching, pressing the mouse roller on any image opens a new window. You can filter and check the different products you searched for below.

Aesthetics and form of furniture

Be sure to look at the form of the products regardless of the photography techniques and do not be fooled by the color and glaze of the scene. In particular, note that furniture is often photographed at a height of about 70 to 120 cm, which makes the volume of the furniture better displayed. You should note that when using, we usually see the furniture from a higher height. Greenhouse Decor is one of the best online manufacturers of all custom furniture and plant stand that you can trust and buy anything you want.

Furniture color range

You may see a picture of a product that you skip because of its color, or vice versa !; Make sure you keep an eye on other aspects when searching, and only in the final stages of selection check what colors can be produced by that product.

Glossy or matte: Many designers of modern decoration styles are more interested in matte colors. Note that usually the more glossy the final coating, the easier it is to clean, but the more scratches and paleness are visible in it. In general, plant-industrial paints are more matte than chemical paints, you can discuss the gloss of the product with the seller.

Use and mechanism of furniture

This is a very important category, what products do you basically need? Do you want a sofa bed or the same three-seater sofa and bed that you have is enough? Is it really important to be foldable and portable? Is the extra cost for jacks and fittings and conversions worth it? If you have a little space, I say if you like the form it is worth it financially;

Especially in the case of furniture that is foldable and has little space; (With a thumb account based on rent per square meter of space in the useful life of the furniture, we find that typically the extra cost of fittings and furniture is small and multifunctional, much cheaper than renting or buying a larger space.)

Furniture size

Try to simulate the dimensions at home or make a 100% map of the place and do the layout with a handmade template. In addition, some manufacturers have a separate service department that displays the furniture virtually in your private space so that you can make better decisions.

Product quality

How to ensure product quality through the Internet? In the following ways:

  1. Brand: Be aware that reputation does not guarantee credibility and popularity; But because negative feedback and dissatisfaction on the Internet quickly erode the credibility of many years, activists in the virtual advertising space and sales are aware of the importance of customer orientation and quality. You can find signs of adherence to quality and service with a little research.
  2. User Comments: If a product has these comments, it is very good, but buying furniture online in terms of product variety is still not enough to be able to find user reviews for each product; But if you find a positive or negative opinion about the same product from the same brand, you can largely understand the quality of the products of that brand.
  3. Physical strength: The general form of any furniture like a plant shelf and the way of connection are the most important factors in strength. So that the design of the furniture plays the most important role in its strength; For example, a metal ruler can withstand more than 100 times the load in the blade position, and this only happens with the rotation of the form. Many engineering designs have achieved much higher strength by using less materials.
  4. Materials used in the beating procedure
  5. Type and quality of furniture color

By reading the article “How can we understand the strength of the furniture from the appearance of the furniture?” You can get acquainted with some principles of structural strength.

Materials used in furniture cladding: In general, cold foam has a higher quality than hot foam. Clouds or sponges, if made of first-class materials, have a higher quality than the usual foams on the market. The sponge is usually weighed per cubic meter, with 30-35 kg sponges suitable for the living room and 25-30 kg suitable for the back.

How to distinguish good foam and sponge?

Type and color quality of furniture: The color quality is not easily recognizable from the pictures and even the touch of the product; The material used and the chemical formula of the paints are very diverse and each has its own mechanical and visual properties.

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