Smappy Inc. Announces Official Launch of Mobile Platform


Smappy, a mobile platform designed for quick gift search, will officially launch on the Apple app store on Dec. 9. The platform’s mobile ecosystem consists of two applications: one for gift stores and a separate application for individual buyers.

The first stores to register on the platform will have the opportunity to add their gifts to their marketplace before the application for buyers will release. This provides a unique opportunity for merchants who will be able to position their respective stores in front of larger audiences upon the release of the buyers’ version of the application.

As consumers begin to use the newly launched application, they will be presented with the full catalogs of gifts from each individual store that has registered on the platform, which in turn presents key opportunities for sellers as they look to generate a profit.

“We would like to make everyone’s gift-choosing process easier using high-end technologies,” said Iuliia Grebeshok, CEO of Smappy Inc.

Smappy has already attracted a variety of small and authentic manufacturers whose gifts have been proven to deliver a delight to their recipients. When merchants list their entire gift catalog on the platform, their stores will be presented with more opportunities to be featured in gift recommendations tabs.

The buyer’s version of the application features the use of artificial intelligence (AI) that can suggest personalized gift recommendations.

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About Smappy Inc.

Smappy Inc. is a U.S.-based company, founded by three brave,, young people who got bored by the omnipresent gift dilemma. Founders: Iuliia Grebeshok (CEO), Kirill Lunev (CTO), Anastasia Vartanyan (CMO).

Source: Smappy Inc.

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