Start You Tik-Tok Career


You have probably heard that the D’Amelio family are getting their own reality show. Charlie’s and her sister’s music career as well as their Youtube Channel is soaring with popularity too. Basically she is making a bank not just for herself but for her entire family. Wonder how? Everything started from Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok is one of the, if not the most popular visual social media platforms currently. Making it your career may seem hard without the guidance but don’t worry, we got your back!

First things first, sign up on Tik-Tok. Just do it! Once you get your personal page on the site try to customize it. Make yourself presentable. Choose an attractive profile photo and fun bio. Add emoticons, set the mood and create a certain aesthetic. You can always rebrand by changing the aesthetics but make sure you stick to something for some time. This will help you establish your brand which is very important in the beginning of your career.

Choose the target. You cannot target the entire Tik-Tok population at once. Tik-Tok is a diverse place with users of distinguished likes and tastes. Think about your interests and something you are good at. It could be dancing, singing, editing videos, creating filters, just about anything! Once you choose the topic of the content you are willing to work on you’re good to go. People interested in the same thing will find you.

Communication is the key. Read about people with similar interests finding you? Well, that’s not all you need to know about how communication works on Tik-Tok. Reaching out to your desired audience works both ways. You reach out to them and you let them find you. How, you ask? Tagging. Specifically selected hashtags make your videos accessible to more people than you originally thought of viewing your content. Don’t be lazy or afraid to tag your videos. More tags, more chances getting on the For You page.

Clout. Offset and Cardi B didn’t lie about clout being important. It is hard to kick-start your career on platforms like Tik-Tok without doing numbers. Numbers matter, we all know it and there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself gain some. Buy TikTok views. Straightforward as it sounds, we assure you every Tik-Tok star has done it at some point in their career. Videos with more views work like magic. They encourage the previously uninterested part of the audience to engage with the content. You would be curious too to find out why a certain video has as many views as it does. Plus it’s really not that expensive. If you got some extra cash you may as well invest it in your career. Money will definitely come back around if you use it wisely.

Obvious things aside, you also need to work on your content. Don’t exhaust or stress yourself, this is supposed to be fun, but do put some work into your videos. There are several things you can start with. Tik-Tok, much like other similar platforms are big on whatever is trendy. Pay close attention to what is currently popular among your target audience and create the relevant content. This is easier than you think it is! You don’t have to be entirely original; this is not how  trends work. Trends are all about following them. You need to do exactly that.

Make your followers feel special. So now that we have established you don’t have to be an inventor to create desirable Tik-Tok videos it’s time to talk about originality. Following trends and being unique with your content may seem mutually exclusive at first but they are not! Just pay attention to little details. Customize your videos. Change some things up. If a particular song is trendy keep the song but add something original like a dance move, a whole choreography or maybe a special filter only your video is going to have. In that way you are offering what’s currently relevant to you audience while at the same time making them feel special.

Even more so, nothing of grandiose but you can make your faithful audience feel appreciated or attract potential viewers by doing a little giveaway. Giveaways much like the communication we talked about above work in the same way. Make Organize a small (or big if that’s what you want) video contest and put the link directly in one or more of your Tik-Tok videos. Keep it going for a while so more people have the chance to engage. Make sure to provide the proof it’s legit. You can share it on other social media platforms. Ask your followers to do the same. In this way you can reach out to a wider audience. Someone wins and you get the engagement. Honestly? A win-win situation for everybody.

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